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Why own a
business jet​?

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Choosing to operate a Falcon could be one of the most practical business decisions you'll ever make.
Falcons are renowned among business jets for their ability to fly to and from small airfields. By contrast, commercial airlines serve only a fraction of the thousands of airports available to Falcons.

With a Falcon, you can turn that two-day airline ordeal into one quick, out-and-back journey, and reach new growth markets faster and more frequently.


Each Falcon model is the fuel-economy and low emission leader in its class, without compromising on cabin size and en route productivity. Falcons' overall cost of operation is comparable to much smaller jets. And in today's unforgiving business environment, it's reassuring to know that the Falcon 2000 and 900 series have consistently outperformed their competition for retained value - by as much as 10% over the long term.

Business aviation provides individuals and organizations with tangible benefits such as time-savings, scheduling flexibility, efficiency and security. More than this, there is the direct correlation between business aviation benefits and shareholder value. To find out more, click here to
                                                                                                              visit the National Business Aviation Association​'s​
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