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​​​​Falcon Family​​​​​​​​​​​

Share in the Falcon Customer experience. We believe communication is the key to constantly
improving our aircraft and services – and your ownership experience.

This is why we actively encourage all Falcon operators to take part in the Falcon Community
and to share their experiences with us. One of the most important ways we do this is to host
yearly Maintenance & Operational Seminars around the globe.

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Operator Advisory Board (OAB)

The OAB comprises Falcon operators from around the globe. It acts as the voice of the Falcon operator and works to elevate the caliber of the Falcon ownership and operator experience.

The OAB and Falcon representatives meet in person every year and collaborate regularly via e-Forums to exchange ideas on specific areas of improvement.

OAB members also participate in the various Working Groups which gather information from over 150 Falcon operators worldwide. Ultimately, the OAB strengthens the bond within the Falcon Family, bringing operators together with Falcon Customer Service to work more efficiently and effectively towards common goals. 


Falcon Family Seminars

Dassault Falcon Customer Service regularly conducts Seminars, Technical Sessions, Conferences and other specialized meetings. These take place throughout the year and are designed to develop and nurture two-way communications and vital information-sharing.

Dassault Falcon Maintenance & Operations (M&O) Seminars are an annual series of regional customer events aimed at sharing timely technical information and keeping our operators informed of the latest issues, programs and efforts to support their flight operations.

Take a look at our events page to see when and where our n​ext event will take place: Click here. 


Falcon e-Forums

These online information-sharing sessions can be tailored to one specific aircraft model, one type of audience or one particular subject. Wherever you are in the world, you can log on, get involved in these online sessions, and exchange your ideas with our specialists.


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