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​FalconCare® is your guaranteed maintenance cost program.
Based on a pay-as-you-fly philosophy, it is designed specifically for
new Falcons and offers you the flexibility to meet different budgeting needs.

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FalconCare® keeps your maintenance costs at a planned, foreseeable figure. It gives you complete access to the full resources of Dassault and all pricings include genuine Dassault Falcon parts and all labor (scheduled and unscheduled).


This means FalconCare® helps you to:

• Keep your budget on track
• Reduce your administration and procurement
• Enhance the resale value of your aircraft

In fact, this program is so efficient that 94% of FalconCare® customers would recommend it to other operators.


FalconCare® advantages give you: 

• Fixed rates and better budgeting
• Guaranteed spares for maintenance and service
• All labor is included, scheduled and unscheduled
• One simple ‘no surprises’ invoice per month
• All costs needed to keep your Falcon at the optimum maintenance and reliability level are covered (Service Bulletins recommended, mandatory and optional on a case by case basis, OEM parts only, Dassault approved technicians and mechanics)
• Membership in the premier Falcon program


Pay as you fly philosophy

Our three guaranteed rate levels means your maintenance budget forecasts are directly linked with your flight activity. The progressive rate steps are guaranteed for the initial six or nine years and reflect the warranty coverage of your new Falcon.

  Guaranteed rate per hour > for hourly maintenance (ie, avionics, B checks, etc)
  Guaranteed rate per cycle > for maintenance per landing (ie, brakes, LG, etc)
  ​Guaranteed rate per month > for calendar maintenance (ie, A/A+, C checks, etc)


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