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Falconer 45


Falconer - Issue 46 / 2015

In this issue we speak with Falcon operator, Terry Peabody, whose latest entrepreneurial endeavor has resulted in the award-winning Craggy Range winery.

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Falconer 45


Falconer - Issue 45 / 2014

In this issue we introduce our new flagship, the Falcon 8X and speak with Falcon operator, Bruce Rose, founder and CEO of Carrington Companies.

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Falconer - Issue 44 / 2014

In this issue of Falconer, we introduce the all new Falcon 5X and speak with longtime Falcon operator, Jimmy Buffett.

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Falconer - Issue 43 / 2013

Fifty years ago, Charles Lindbergh was sent by Pan American World Airways to find the ideal business jet for the U.S. market.

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Falconer - Issue 42 / 2013

As we move into 2013, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a significant milestone the Dassault Falcon family will celebrate this year…

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Falconer - Issue 41 / 2012

The United States has always attracted dreamers and believers. Our first story in Falconer profiles the ultimate American dreamer...

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Falconer - Issue 40 / 2012 

Throughout history, artists have been visionaries, capable of looking into the future and imagining what's possible but not yet real...

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Falconer - Issue 39 / 2011

In this issue we celebrate things both old and new. At EBACE this year, Dassault unveiled its newest aircraft, the Falcon 2000S...

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Falconer - Issue 38 / 2011

Looking back, it's amazing to see what we've accomplished over the last ten years, as both a company and an industry...

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Falconer - Issue 37 / 2010

Welcome to the second issue of Falconer in 2010. Whether it's transporting a team to a buisiness meeting, delivering first...

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Falconer - Issue 36 / 2010

2009 has been a challenging year for the world economy, and especially for business aviation. It takes a unique combination of...

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Falconer - Issue 35 / 2009

Aviation has been responsible for some spectacular innovations and accomplishments over the past 100 years...

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Falconer - Issue 34 - 2009

Welcome to the first Falconer issue of 2009 and an entirely new era in business aviation. During these unprecedented economic times...

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