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​Falcon Broadcast provides earlier, more efficient troubleshooting for a quicker return to service - and gives your maintenance teams peace of mind. Interfacing with the EASy avionics suite, Falcon Broadcast gives you real-time notification of maintenance messages and a ‘heads up’ on aircraft component issues at all times.



By immediately providing your data analysis on the

Customer Portal, Falcon Broadcast allows remote indication of your aircraft’s technical status and improves responsiveness to AOG situations.

As the Crew Alerting System detects an issue with a component or system, Falcon Broadcast transmits a detailed report of the event via a satellite communications link to technicians on the ground. 

The ground crew can then log onto the Dassault Falcon portal to view the history of the event, the timeline and contributing factors, and spotlight the root cause of the problem and the component affected. 

Once the faulty part is identified, Falcon Customer Service can be contacted to order parts. Ground crews or a FalconGo Team can then be dispatched to the aircraft’s destination with the appropriate tools to service the aircraft as soon as it lands.


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