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Best-in-class performance, comfort and efficiency


The ongoing refinement of
a pioneering idea

The latest in the immensely popular Falcon 900 series, this large-cabin trijet stands alone in its class for performance, comfort and efficiency.

Since its inception, more than 500 Falcon 900 aircraft have been delivered, each generation refining and building on the strengths of the previous, establishing an industry benchmark for longevity, durability, reliability and long-term value retention.


Capabilities that make it the leader in its class

Apply the latest aerodynamic technology and advanced avionics to an already ultra-efficient trijet, and you have an aircraft that will take you places its competitors cannot, like short runways and hot-and-high airports.

You also gain range and efficiency. Compared with earlier Falcon 900s, the 900LX delivers a range of 4,750 nm (8,800 km), and consumes less fuel.


The advantages of trijet design

While its ramp appeal is undeniable, the beauty of the 900LX’s trijet design enhances comfort and performance. In addition to allowing a large cabin within a compact fuselage, it lowers critical speeds for safer landings and superior short-field agility.

It’s more maneuverable on the tarmac, requires less hangar space – and it provides greater peace of mind and more direct routing on long routes over water.

Facts & Figures

External dimensions
Length 66.31 ft
Height 24.75 ft
Wing span 70.17 ft
Internal dimensions
Cabin length (excluding cockpit and baggage) 33.20 ft
Maximum headroom 74.00 in
Maximum width 92.00 in
Cabin volume (excluding cockpit and baggage) 1,264.00 cu ft
Maximum takeoff weight 49,000 lb
Maximum zero fuel weight 30,864 lb
Maximum fuel 20,905 lb
Maximum landing weight 44,500 lb
Manufacturer Honeywell
Nbr/Type 3 x TFE731-60
SL-ISA Thrust 5,000 lb
Flat rated to ISA+17°C
Aircraft model
​Maximum number of passengers 12-14
Maximum range 4,750 nm
Maximum operating speed VMO 370/350 kias
Maximum operating Mach MMO M .84 / M .87
Maximum operating altitude 51,000 ft
Maximum takeoff weight 49,000 lb



Discover where a Falcon can take you

Whether conducting business or cementing relationships, there is no alternative to meeting people in person. The Falcon’s excellent nonstop range and unique ability to land at small airports gets you closer to your destination.

Select an aircraft

Actual performance may be affected by real aircraft configuration (outfitting options, operating items) and by ATC routing and weather conditions
Falcon 8X : 8 passengers, Mach .80, 85% Wind reliability, NBAA IFR Reserves
Falcon 7X : 8 passengers, Mach .80, 85% Wind reliability, NBAA IFR Reserves
Falcon 6X : 8 passengers, Mach .80, 85% Wind reliability, NBAA IFR Reserves
Falcon 900LX : 6 passengers, Long Range Cruise, 85% Wind reliability, NBAA IFR Reserves
Falcon 2000LXS : 6 passengers, Mach .80, 85% Wind reliability, NBAA IFR Reserves
Falcon 2000S : 6 passengers, Mach .80, 85% Wind reliability, NBAA IFR Reserves

Performance that makes
the world yours

With High-Mach Blended Winglets extending its range to 4,750 nm (8,800 km),
the 900LX crosses any ocean or continent, and sometimes one of each, traveling routes like London-Seattle with nonstop ease. It will fly you from Chicago Executive
to Geneva, or just about anywhere on nearly one-third less fuel than its nearest competitor.

Outstanding mission flexibility

The 900LX’s high maximum landing weight allows short hops followed by transoceanic leaps, without refueling. Fly Washington, D.C. to Geneva, for example, with a quick stop in New York. Or fly six from Paris to London, then on to New York, with fuel to spare. Beyond saving time, you save money, avoiding the need to buy more costly fuel away from home.

For challenging fields
and conditions

Fueled for a 3,000 nm (5,556 km) trip, the Falcon 900LX can depart runways of less than 4,000 feet (1,219 m) at sea level and less than 6,000 feet (1829 m) in Denver-like settings a mile above sea level. It also gives you access to challenging airports, such as those at London City, Aspen, St. Moritz, Gstaad and Toluca. Even on warm days, the 900LX delivers ample range from high elevations.


Fuel consumption up to 40% lower than competitors shrinks operating costs and carbon footprint.

BFL at MTOW: SL - ISA5,360 ft
Landing distance at typical landing weightFAR 91 - 2,415 ft
Approach Speed Vref at typical landing weight111 kias
Maximum operating altitude51,000 ft
Range4,750 nm
Maximum Operating Speed (VMO)370/350 kias
Maximum Operating Mach (MMO)M .84 / M .87

A wide flight envelope

The typical approach speed of the 900LX is 110 knots (204 kph), more than 10 knots slower than the nearest competitor, providing access to shorter runways and higher margins of safety on landing. At the other end of the envelope, top speed is a brisk Mach 0.87, with a typical cruise speed of Mach 0.80. Like all Falcons, the 900LX
has no speed limitations in turbulence – a testament to efficient design and rugged construction.

Save time, save fuel

In addition to airfield agility, Falcon’s trademark trijet design allows more direct, over-water routing. It’s an advantage that saves time and fuel, while also enhancing safety for greater peace of mind.



Key Features

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      FalconEye Combined Vision System

      Dassault’s combined vision system, FalconEye, is an industry first, featuring an optional wide-screen Head-up Display integrating enhanced and synthetic vision for vastly improved situational awareness in low-visibility conditions.

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      EASy II

      Highly intuitive and interactive, Falcon’s EASy II flight deck draws on learning from Dassault’s fighter jet programs.
      With EASy II, jet and pilot fly as one.

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      Elegant in design and smart in function, this wide-body cabin is equipped with Dassault’s advanced FalconCabin HD+ management system. Custom-crafted furnishings, selected by the customer at one of our interactive design centers, are meticulously installed by Dassault Falcon, assuring top quality.

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      Trijet security

      Falcon trijets provide slower, safer approach and landing speeds. Their three-engine configuration also provides peace of mind on long routes over water and uninhabited terrain.

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      Advanced Aerodynamics

      An advanced wing and area ruling of the fuselage plus leading-edge slats and double-slotted Fowler flaps deliver substantial benefits throughout the flight regime.

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      Three fuel-efficient Honeywell TFE731-60 turbofan engines are rated at 5,000 lb (22.24 kN) of thrust each (up to ISA + 17°C) and deliver superb performance under extreme conditions.

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      High-Mach blended winglets

      This new refinement to the 900LX wing extends the aircraft’s range to 4,750 nm (8,800 km) and enhances fuel economy by 40% over competitors.


The benefits of fighter jet heritage

Strong yet light, agile yet smooth, powerful yet efficient. Many of the 900LX’s finer attributes result from technology developed for Dassault’s military programs.
Like any good fighter jet, its design assures pilots of precise aerodynamic feedback, without the need for the complex supplementary systems required by other business aircraft. Handling is precise, and potential dangers are easily avoided.

Many other design features, such as double-servo actuators adapted from Dassault fighters, further augment safety margins.


A wing that goes even farther

While highly efficient at high speeds, the 900LX wing is equally adept and well mannered at low speeds, which accounts for its impressive short-field performance. Leading-edge slats and double-slotted Fowler flaps deploy on approach. Airbrakes help with precise glide path control and add stopping power on the ground.

The addition of High-Mach Blended Winglets effectively increases wingspan and lift, while reducing span-wise airflow and drag. Other benefits include reduced stall speed, improved time to climb, and an increase in range of about 200 nm (370 km), allowing the 900LX to fly farther on less fuel.


Business aviation’s most advanced flight deck

The EASy II flight deck dramatically improves crew coordination and situational awareness, presenting everything from flight planning and automated checklists to the aircraft’s precise position, situation and environment through an innovative graphical interface that allows pilots to work ‘eyes up’. Its head-up display incorporates an Enhanced Flight Vision System using infrared sensing to improve visibility.

Synthetic vision gives pilot and co-pilot a virtual display of terrain based on a global topographical database. And the aircraft’s integrated airborne monitoring service, FalconBroadcast®, provides real-time notification of in-flight events and maintenance status, helping operators maximize dispatch by beginning the troubleshooting process while still in the air.


Honeywell TFE731-60 engines: powerful and proven

Three Honeywell TFE731-60 engines power the 900LX. Each produces 5,000 pounds (22.24 kN) of thrust at sea level up to ISA +17°C and provides unbeatable efficiency in this power range, along with a reputation for low fuel consumption and quiet operation. With more than 11,000 engines entered into service and 100 million hours of operation logged, the reliability and performance of the TFE731 series are more than proven.

Take a closer look at the 900LX

Browse the Dassault Falcon 900LX Cutaway poster

Full size version


The dimensions
of comfort

The 900LX cabin measures 6 feet, 2 inches (1.88 m) tall and 7 feet 8 inches (2.34 m) wide – dimensions that translate into easy stand-up, walk-about comfort. With 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 m) of width available at floor level, the aisle is broad and individual seats offer plenty of recline.At 33 feet 2 inches (10.11 m), the cabin’s length gives you three distinct lounge areas for work, rest and relaxation, allowing you to optimize the use of your time on long-range flights. And while the 900LX typically seats 12 to 14 passengers, you will likely fly with fewer on long-range missions, so go ahead and take advantage of the adaptable seating to make up to six comfortable berths.

Quiet comfort, quality ​craftsmanship

Falcon cabins are renowned for their elegance, comfort and phenomenally quiet sound levels. The 900LX upholds this proud tradition.

Reflections of modern styling, these interiors are created with the precision of digital manufacturing combined with the best of Old World craftsmanship, using the finest materials available.

FalconCabin HD+
Advanced cabin management

Passengers onboard the 900LX enjoy a full complement of entertainment and connectivity tools in an exceptionally user-friendly format. FalconCabin HD+ puts advanced cabin control at their fingertips, from anywhere in the cabin, via iPhone®,
iTouch® or iPad®.

Among the system’s many features is its SkyBox™ wireless media server with vast iTunes® video and music capacity. Falcon 900LX customers can also opt for SATCOM voic​e and broadband data service.

Your one-of-a-kind interior

The process of creating an interior that reflects your taste is easier and more streamlined than ever before, thanks to our new interactive design centers at Teterboro, New Jersey and Le Bourget, Paris.

Equipped with Dassault’s proprietary CATIA software and staffed by world-class design professionals, these centers help customers make informed and confident choices by enabling them to envision their interiors and examine features in actual airplanes and mockups, before selecting from our beautiful array of fabrics, leathers, carpets, veneers, electronics, equipment and accessories.

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