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​​​​​​NBAA 2018 - Falcon Family Breakfast​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The 2018 Falcon Family Breakfast at NBAA was held in Orlando...but we did not have a Mickey Mouse program. Far from it!

​As always, it was great for us to be back at the Falcon Family Breakfast, an important Dassault tradition. We had a lot of exciting news to share that represents the present and future of Dassault Aviation.

But before we got to that, we wanted to take a moment to remember someone who means very much to us and brought Dassault Aviation to great heights.

Serge Dassault, who loved this event and this tradition, attended NBAA for nearly 60 years. Although he is no longer with us, his spirit lives on, as does his passion for airplanes.

Let’s take a moment to remember Serge Dassault …

The 2018 Falcon Family Breakfast at NBAA was held in Orlando...but we did not have a Mickey Mouse program. Far from it! 

As people chomped their eggs and bacon, they met a proud Falcon owner who told the tale of the investment banker, the overnight package delivery tycoon and the stingy airport commissioner - and how that changed history for Dassault, Little Rock Arkansas and Memphis Tennessee.

They flew some aerobatics with a Dassault executive in charge of upgrading Falcons with the latest modifications. Not long after the flight, he raced at Reno. Spoiler alert: he lived to tell the tale...and has a thirst for more low altitude tumbleweed trimming. And they also hopped onto the 6X express. Dassault’s new flagship is taking shape in St. Cloud, the French Alps and Mirabel Quebec as well. 

They checked in on the progress as Dassault builds its biggest, most capable Falcon ever.

Dassault Aviation is truly a global enterprise…

You heard Jeff’s distinctive Arkansas Teterboro, you get a good dose of Jersey...and then of course there are the French accents at the various Dassault locations in the company’s home country…

But how did Little Rock end up in the mix? The story begins with an Arkansas investment banker who was an early, eager Falcon customer.

His son is still eager about his Falcon fleet.

Dassault’s service center in Wilmington, Delaware is the company’s largest in the Americas.

The facility there is very busy these days - as the biz jet economy improves - and as some modification requirements loom.

Meet the Dassault man at the center of this - he lives and breathes aviation on and off -the-job:

The passion and pride of the Falcon team is evident wherever you may land in the Dassault universe.

The team is rich with engineers, artisans and technicians at the top of their respective games.

That will always be the case with this company.

And the commitment they have to pushing new technology that takes the mundane tasks out of human hands - is evident not just in the cockpit - but also in the factory.