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​​​​​​2019 Dassault Falcon Calendar​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Falcon Runway 2019

Every flight begins in the same way. First, with anticipation, as the aircraft taxis down the runway, then with exhilaration as it leaps into the sky. And so, as the New Year begins, Dassault offers Falcon Runway 2019. This aptly themed calendar conjures up powerful images of Falcons poised at the ready, as if preparing to move down a red carpet runway, to take you on a flight headed for success, or perhaps, the adventure of a lifetime.

In the spirit of power and beauty, we are pleased to offer you Falcon Runway 2019’s images in high-resolution and wallpaper formats for downloading.​​

Best wishes for a healthy and happy new year.

Dassault Calendar 2019