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FlightLIne #18
Falcons on the Rise
Goulian Demos 8X Extreme Agility


A unique 8X demonstration


Since its introduction, the Falcon 8X has flown countless demo flights, setting records for speed and efficiency. Recently, the 8X’s robust airframe and advanced digital flight controls were put to the ultimate test by none other than the legendary aerobatic champion and airshow performer, Mike Goulian. Renowned aviation journalist Miles O’Brien was there to capture and report on the action. So, how did the Falcon 8X perform? Come along with Mike for a flight you’ll never forget and see why he calls it “a pilot’s airplane.”


> See how Mike rolls



Cabin design achieves new heights


The International Yacht & Aviation Awards is a unique competition that recognizes the best marine and aviation design from around the world. This annual celebration of excellence not only rewards such innovations but promotes them online and in print. This year, the Falcon 6X cabin reached the “short list," a significant achievement considering the high quality of all the entries. Winners will be announced at the 2020 Awards Ceremony in May, in Venice, Italy.


Sky Life
Goulian Demos 8X Extreme Agility



The Falcon 6X e-newsletter is on its maiden voyage and gaining popularity. The first issue reports that the development program is in high gear. The front, main and rear fuselage sections of the first aircraft have been assembled in Dassault’s Biarritz plant. The fully completed wing assembly is due to be attached to the fuselage soon. In addition, the six Pratt & Whitney Canada PW812D development engines have accumulated more than 1,200 hours of runtime. To read all about it on our website or get all the latest 6X news delivered to your inbox, click on the links below.


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Notes from the Field


2020 M&O Seminar season set


Operators around the world look forward each year to the Falcon M&O Seminars. It’s a golden opportunity to meet, learn, share ideas and insights, and celebrate the passion for all things Falcon. This year’s agenda is sure to be exciting since so much is happening at Dassault. The series kicks off in Paris on April 1. From there it will travel to Dallas, Denver, Toluca (Mexico), São Paulo, Westchester (NY), and Chicago. The series will wind up in Beijing on October 21. Stay tuned for more details.


Crew Chief Blog
OAB in action


New video premiers


The Operator Advisory Board is the face and voice of Dassault’s customer base. Comprised of members from 14 countries around the world, the OAB makes recommendations for improving the overall Falcon Customer Experience. Putting their proposals into action helped elevate Dassault to #1 in the 2019 Pro Pilot and AIN product support surveys. Aviation broadcast journalist, Miles O’Brien, was on hand to film the most recent OAB meeting in Bordeaux-Merignac, France.

> See the OAB in action



Our crew chief on biofuels


In his most recent Crew Chief Blog, Jean Kayanakis tackles a subject of concern for everyone who flies a Falcon: reducing their carbon footprint. Fortunately, Falcons are among the most efficient jets flying and higher efficiency equals lower emissions. Better yet, Falcons can utilize biofuels (SAF for Sustainable Aviation Fuel), which can reduce carbon emissions by up to 80%! Dassault is doing its part by flying demo aircraft to trade shows, such as EBACE and NBAA on biofuel blends, and will be undertaking more such operations in the future.

> Behold the blog

Crew Chief Blog

World Economic Forum,

Davos, Switzerland

January 21-24


Dassault service and support teams will again be on hand to make sure attendees’ Falcons are well cared for at nearby airports. Crews staying in Zurich are welcome to join us for a special gathering on January 22. For more information, contact us.


Singapore Airshow,
Changi Exhibition Centre, Singapore

February 11-16


Asia’s largest airshow for business and military aviation, this bi-annual event is the place to be in February. Dassault will be there in force with a full line of products, plus the dazzling 6X cabin mockup.

Falcon Spotlight
Download the 2020 calendar Wallpapers


Reflections on performance


Here at Dassault, we like to begin the new year by recognizing our customers. And by reflecting on the past year’s accomplishments and our goals for the year to come. The latest Falcon calendar is a meditation on reflection, with Falcons and Rafales presented in a variety of settings, poised and ready to take on the challenges and opportunities of 2020. We are pleased to offer you Reflections 2020’s images in high-resolution and wallpaper formats for downloading.


Best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year!

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From our family to yours.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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Whatever the speed, flying is his passion. Photo by Falcon pilot Ross Chapman. #iFlyFalcon

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Falcon 8X:

Peak performance at les Eplatures


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