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2013 Falcon Calendar​

So welcome back to the 60s !

​Our 2013 Falcon Calendar was especially designed around the upcoming celebration of our 50th Anniversary. For this, we turned to Wilfrid Buch, a talented artist who used as his inspiration, a variety of 1960s design motifs. We hope you enjoy the series of vintage and avant-garde posters Buch created. In his mind, these are today’s Falcons as they might have looked a half century ago.

Those zany graphics, atypical fonts, psychedelic lines, improbable color blends – all evocative of a world the media labeled the “jet age”. Yes, we admit to a healthy dose of nostalgia, as we conjure up the long path journeyed by our Falcons in five decades. And with Wilfrid Buch’s artistry, we acknowledge the strong value Dassault has always placed in creativity. And our obsession with pushing the limits.

Discover the 2013 calendar