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2014 Falcon Calendar​

Inspirations 2014

Inspiration is all around us. At Dassault, we thrive on it. In this year’s calendar we present images that capture our imagination and complement Falcon design. These images showcase our airplanes in modern architectural environments that accentuate their curves and shape, and also associate them with objects that– just like our Falcons - are refined and timeless. So, let 2014 be a year of inspiration for us all and follow inspiration wherever it leads.

Since it first took to the skies 50 years ago, the Falcon has become a global icon of advanced design and technological excellence. Its sleek lines, plus comfort and refined elegance appear to have been inspired by the same quest for quality, beauty and craftsmanship that has given birth to other deluxe products far removed from the world of aviation but that our artist has set in contrast with our Falcon airplanes.

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