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Falcon Family Breakfast NBAA 2016​​​​​​​​​​

The Falcon Family Breakfast held at the 2016 NBAA convention in Orlando, Florida proved that the event just keeps soaring higher. Hosted once again by aviation journalist Miles O’Brien, the event served as a focal point for the premiere of seven short videos that tell the story of Dassault Aviation in 2016, with a look back toward 1916. As we now look to a new century, we know what our genius founder Marcel Dassault would ask us: “That’s very nice, but what’s next?”

We can all look forward to seeing what the answer to that question looks like… and flies like.

Watch the full Family Breakfast video

8X First Delivery

Dassault Aviation’s new flagship, the Falcon 8X, is now in full production. In October 2016, the first customer took delivery, a rewarding moment for the team that worked so hard to make the aircraft a reality. Dassault went to the ends of the earth to ensure a successful first acceptance flight. Aviation journalist Miles O’Brien was on hand for the first delivery ceremony. Executive Vice President for Civil Aviation, Olivier Villa, speaks with him about the close relationship Dassault cultivates with customers. You want a shower? Sure! But don’t ask for a hot tub!

Interiors Perfected

There’s a flock of green Falcon 8X’s at the Dassault completion center in Little Rock, Arkansas being outfitted for their owners. It’s a highly customized process that demands old world craftsmanship and eagle-eyed inspectors along with the latest in technology and automation. The company is investing heavily in the latest tools for its talented, seasoned workforce. It all adds up to one word: perfection. Aviation journalist Miles O’Brien takes us on a tour.

The Virtual Falcon

What’s it like to be a mouse inside a Falcon? It’s a question Dassault engineer Igor Fain asked himself before deciding not to leave the answer to his imagination. Using Dassault’s CATIA design software, plus with some off-the-shelf Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles, Igor created an incredibly powerful tool that is being used to train Falcon maintenance technicians. Igor demonstrated the technology with aviation journalist Miles O’Brien live at the 2016 Falcon Family Breakfast at the NBAA in, Orlando, Florida.


Dassault Aviation is a leader in the push to bring high technology into business jet cockpits. The amazing EASy flight deck – which combines a sophisticated digital flight control system with a head-up display – would make any fighter pilot feel right at home. And now – FalconEye – combines the Enhanced Vision System and Synthetic Vision System with a head-up display that makes the proverbial approach to a mountain airport on a dark and stormy night as easy as it would be on a clear CAVU VFR day. Aviation journalist Miles O’Brien saw FalconEye in action at a tricky airport in the Alps. He follows up his story with an interview with Dassault Aviation’s Chief Test Pilot, Philippe Deleume.

Powering Up Silvercrest

Dassault Aviation’s latest aircraft in development, the Falcon 5X, is designed to fly faster, quieter and more efficiently. It’s hard to do all of that at once, and the key is in the power plant. Dassault’s longtime partner in this realm, SAFRAN, is moving through the testing phase of the new Silvercrest engine. Initial challenges have been solved, and the program is on track. Aviation journalist Miles O’Brien visited a SAFRAN outdoor test stand located at Istres Test Center in the south of France, as they were opening the envelope on the Silvercrest engine.

Falcon Fans

Falcon aircraft are legendary for their performance, handling qualities and sheer beauty. And that goes for every Falcon up and down the product line. Aviation journalist Miles O’Brien met some Falcon owners who feel there is no other aircraft that comes close. See what John and Martha King, of the King Schools, and John Chambers, Chairman of Cisco have in common – a passion for Falcon flying.

Dassault Aviation’s Centenary Celebration

The roots of Dassault Aviation begin in 1916 with a young man smitten with aviation who had an idea for a better propeller. The company has come a long way since then, and in between that propeller and the Falcon 8X, there has been an amazing, long line of successful military and civilian aircraft. Aviation journalist Miles O’Brien got a chance to fly on the first production aircraft (after the Second World War) to carry the name Marcel Dassault; the legendary Flamant.