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How a First-Time C-Check in Malaysia Draws on a World of Falcon Experience
Saint-Cloud, France

We were asked by a reporter recently about how Dassault extends “tribal knowledge” to new models of aircraft. This is a new corporate buzzword meaning accumulated expertise specific to an organization. We indeed extend tribal knowledge into new aircraft, for example when we incorporate fighter technology into the Digital Flight Control System for the new Falcon 10X.

We also share tribal knowledge across our growing MRO network. When we acquire a new MRO facility—or chain of them—we do a great deal more than change the signage. We share decades of experience in working on Falcons. When ExecuJet MRO Malaysia performed its first C-check of a Falcon 2000LXS, we sent two technicians with Falcon heavy maintenance experience to assist. In fact, we marshalled resources from around the world, with pre-planning sessions involving Dassault Falcon Service and factory-owned TAG Maintenance Services. These sessions assured the necessary tooling, parts and resources were in place. Dassault Aviation in Mérignac led weekly meetings throughout the process to make sure the project stayed on track. 

Structural Engineering representatives based in India and Wilmington, DE, advised on corrosion issues found during inspection, and participated with studies and recommended repair procedures. It was an “all-of-Dassault” effort to support the Falcon 2000LXS customer that efficiently exploited collaborative tools across many time zones. Similar network-wide efforts have supported first-time C-checks in Australia and Dubai in recent months.

The moral of this story is that wherever you find a Falcon factory service center, you get an all-of-Dassault effort. And tribal knowledge gained over decades. 

What’s more, with service centers around the world developing specialized capabilities, the network becomes something of a “big box” out of which customers can pull a range of services and solutions. They can refurbish and repaint aircraft or upgrade aircraft with the latest Dassault-Engineering STC equipment—new avionics systems for example, including the latest flight deck displays. And they can combine a C-check, for example, with an avionics upgrade, making efficient use of downtime.

The big box approach creates value in ownership and also at resale time, when consistent care through the Falcon MRO network is a plus in selling an aircraft.

Which, of course, means we look forward to working on the new Falcon a customer has just acquired.

Senior Vice President, Worldwide Falcon Customer Service & Service Center Network
Dassault Aviation

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