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​We have created a powerful support system designed to
increase the efficiency and reduce the workload of all Operational teams.


In addition to Operational Technical assistance activities, such as Falcon pilot/crew questions and answers on aircraft systems, flight documentation procedures, aircraft performances and regulations, the Falcon Operational Support can provide you with the following line services:


Pilot assistance

You can now qualify your crew with a high quality service on your Falcon or rental aircraft. The program includes:

• Base Training (Touch & Go)
• Line Training
• Line Flying Under Supervision (LIFUS)
• Jump Seat Support Program



Crewing & training solutions

This bespoke service is offered with expert assistance from:

• Specialists with a unique experience on Falcon aircraft (20+ pilots at your service)
• Type Rated instructors
• Type Rated Examiners




Flexibility and care

This service takes into account all authorities' regulations. It is also tailored to your needs, such as including flight hours in locations most convenient to your operations.


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