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Aircraft Upgrades​​

​​Backed by Dassault engineering, Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) and
In-Service Aircraft Upgrades are an important part of Falcon’s customer service


Nearly 1,300 Falcon aircraft in service today operate with ​earlier configurations and avionics.

Dassault Falcon customer service has dedicated resources to bring state-of-the-art options and solutions to market for the in service​ fleet.

By purchasing STC Data Packages and other In-Service Aircraft upgrades from Dassault, you can ensure compliance with mandates and enhance safety, efficiency, and performance, often increasing aircraft value.

The STC team at Dassault Falcon is continually developing programs aimed at elevating your asset’s value while maximizing its efficiency and performance. Falcon’s STC team collects feedbacks from the fleet in order to better meet your needs; contact them anytime at:
We’ve recently brought certifications to market for the following programs. 
• ADS-B Out
• FANS 1/A+
• LCD Cockpit Displays
• LED Lighting
• SATCOM upgrades
• And More
For more information, contact us at:
Glenn Hart
Manager, After-Market Programs
Office: (1) 201-541-4702
Fax: (1) 201-541-4706

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