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​Dassault Aircraft Services 
Little Rock​​

Learn more about the DAS Little Rock Service Center.
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Dassault Falcon’s expansive facility in Little Rock, Arkansas, is the site of two strategic Falcon operations: the main Completion Center for all Falcon jets worldwide, and the company-owned Service Center, which is dedicated solely to Falcon customers.


Current production model Falcons are manufactured in France, then flown in "green" condition to the Completion Center where optional avionics and custom interiors are installed, and exteriors are painted. Dassault Aircraft Services (DAS) – Little Rock operates a “one-stop-shop” for all inspection, maintenance, modification, completion and repair needs, and is 100% dedicated to supporting only the Falcon product line.

Our Service Center and Completion Center combined occupy nearly 1,000,000 total sq.ft., making Little Rock the largest Dassault facility in the world.


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The Service Center provides 24/7 AOG support for Falcons, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, on-site engine maintenance, and avionics installations and upgrades.​


Service Center Operations:​

  • Dassault Engineering on Premises​
  • Airframe & Engine Maintenance
  • Avionics - Installations & Upgrades
  • Interior Modifications & Refurbishments
  • Repair of Composite (including windows and radomes)
  • Structural Component Repairs
  • Exterior Refurbishment - Custom exterior design presented with color renderings
  • EASA, FAA, and Brazil Repair Station Certifications


Maintenance Details:


  • Class I, II, III, and IV Airframe Repair Station 
  • Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance 
  • Aircraft Pre-Purchase Evaluations



Avionics Repairs & Installations

  • ​​Class I, II, and III radio repair station
  • TAWS/EGPWS, TCAS/ACAS, WAAS/LPV, Aircraft Flight Deck/Cabin Communications Systems Installations
  • Engineering staff to support the installation​
​Our Hi-Tech Paint Hangars boast the most advanced capabilities in the industry, with environmentally friendly dual-downdraft systems. They are large enough to accommodate any Falcon.For further questions or to request a quote, please email:​

Who better than the OEM to perform thorough and comprehensive Pre-Purchase Evaluations (PPEs) on Falcon aircraft? Trust the experts at Dassault Aircraft Services! PPEs are available at our conveniently located Reno, Wilmington, Little Rock, and St. Louis DAS facilities and can be easily scheduled.

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      Our comprehensive services include:

      • VISUAL evaluation of the aircraft​
      • FUNCTIONAL and operational testing of the systems
      • RECORDS RESEARCH to ensure status of maintenance, service bulletin compliance, and more
      • A BINDER which includes all results of the PPE process in an organized, single reference book
Contact your DAS Sales Representative or the DAS Business Office at: (1) 302-322-7396.​


Customer Amenities​


  • Reception area / lounge, conference room, and restrooms 
  • Laptop ports throughout customer office areas 
  • Ground transportation available locally (rental cars, limousines, shuttles)​



Little Rock's Completion Center: Combining ARTISTRY and TECHNOLOGY Magnificently.


Dassault Falcon Jet's completion center in Little Rock is among the best-equipped in the world and its technical capability is without peer.

To guarantee that each customer's ideal becomes leather, burl and brass reality, Falcon oversees every facet of every completion. We make sure that work complies precisely with every specification set forth by the owner.

At our center, master artisans work in classic media-woods, metals, textiles and hides - to create interiors that delight the eye, ease tired muscles and yet are tough enough to withstand the knocks and dings of journey after journey. The Completion Center's 3-Bay Paint Hangar is State-of-the-art, with an environmentally friendly dual-downdraft system for superior finish.

Meanwhile, their technical colleagues are without peer in devising cabin systems that deliver sound, data, images, conditioned air and electrical power unfailingly- all with the lightest touch of a button or the twist of a dial. Not only is it one of the best-equipped and most efficient facilities anywherehe envy of the completion industrynother testament to the Dassault Falcon passion.


Completion Process: Activity Before Aircraft Arrival​


  • Specification Review
  • Engineering
  • Design Review
  • Planning
  • Purchasing
  • Parts Fabrication
  • Cabinet Fabrication
  • Avionics / Electrical Fabrication

Completion Process: Activity After Aircraft Arrival​


  • Structure Installation
  • Avionics / Electrical Installation
  • Upholstery Fabrication
  • Cabinet Finishing
  • Exterior Paint
  • Interior Installation
  • System Checks / Preflight
  • Flight Test
  • Final Clean
  • Customer Acceptance​



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