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Our range of exclusive ownership options are designed to
perfectly suit your business needs and personal preferences. ​

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Our ownership solutions include: 

  • Full ownership, with in-house or outsourced operations and maintenance
  • Fractional ownership, for just as much Falcon as you need
  • Charter services with the right-sized Falcon, when and wherever you need it

Full ownership

In our experience, most Falcon owners prefer to have exclusive control and use of their aircraft. This gives them maximum flexibility and the fastest response to their needs. It also guarantees a custom aircraft outfitted specifically to the design, seating configuration and amenities demanded by its owner. Consequently, the majority of Falcons are wholly owned, operated and maintained by their own in-house flight departments. Some full owners opt to outsource the operational responsibilities and maintenance of their Falcons to an aircraft management company.


Fractional ownership

When your flying needs simply don't justify the purchase of a whole Falcon, Fractional Ownership allows individuals and corporations to own a share of certain Falcon models. The size of the share – or fraction – is determined by the number of hours of utilization per year it represents. Purchasing a share, and paying management and hourly fees, enables the fractional owner to use the aircraft for this specified number of hours. To find out more, visit (the Fractional Jet Ownership program).



Charter services

The Falcon is one of the most popular chartered aircraft on the market. Their spacious cabins, unrivalled efficiency, elegant design and excellent airport performance keep them in demand the world over. In Europe, Dassault Falcon Service (DFS) near Paris, France, has a long history of delivering diversified corporate services perfectly tailored to fit your specific requirements. In addition to providing worldwide business jet charter and Fixed Base Operation (FBO) services, DFS also offers full aircraft management programs.



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