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About us

Falcon business jets which are designed, manufactured and supported by Dassault Aviation. Since 1965, nearly 2,600 Falcons have been delivered with over 2,200 still in service in over 90 countries.

Our values

A family from the start

The Falcon family of today still shares founder Marcel Dassault’s passion for innovation in aeronautics and belief in ethics and community he exemplified over a century ago.


60 years of innovation

Since the first Falcons came to America in 1965 until today, they have led the way in every aspect of aviation technology, despite increasingly rapid global change and fierce competition.

Step 1 1963

When Falcons were known as Mystère 20s, they caught the Eagle eye of famous aviator Charles Lindbergh, who visited Dassault and reported to his Pan Am CEO, Juan Trippe, that he was “tremendously impressed”. With that, their search for a business aircraft ended and hundreds were ordered.

Step 2 1976

The Falcon 50 ushered in a new era of business aircraft that could fly trans-continental and transoceanic safely and comfortable. It was the first with a trijet layout and the first civil aircraft with a supercritical wing. And it launched Dassault’s computer-aided design leadership.

Step 3 1983

A tough economy didn’t stop Dassault from responding to user demand for longer range and more comfort. The Falcon 900, launched at the Paris Airshow, was the first business jet designed as a digital model and had the first cockpit with an electronic flight instrument system.

Step 4 1993

Based on fighter jet technology pioneered by Dassault, the Falcon 2000 became the first civilian aircraft equipped with a Head Up Display (HUD). HUD equipment allowed Falcon pilots to hand fly approaches to CAT III minimums — the most difficult approaches to fly.

Step 5 2001

The historic and dazzling launch of the Falcon 7X introduced digital fly-by-wire, the EASy flight deck and composite materials to the business jet world, innovations derived from Dassault’s fighter aircraft. Its 3D digital development was all-encompassing, from design to production.

Step 6 2013

The Falcon 2000LXS twinjet became one of the most popular large-cabin business jets in the world, especially in the U.S. It’s a unique combination of airfield agility, fuel-efficiency, quiet and widebody comfort. The ultimate 2000 Series refinement, it includes the EASy II cockpit.

Step 7 2021

Another historic year for Falcons came with two new programs in development simultaneously. The Falcon 6X and the Falcon 10X. Each in its own way groundbreaking. In cabin size and flexibility. In flight deck technology, aerostructures and wing architecture. And more to come.

Our Commitment

Quality without question

We believe owning and flying a Falcon entitles you to the highest levels of safety, reliability, performance and efficiency without compromise, and you are part of a global Falcon Family.

With you for the long haul

Since the very first Falcon flew in 1963, we’ve been building a global reputation for creating the best flying business jets in the industry. Building, growing and maintaining strong relationships with our customers is a key part of the success we’ve achieved.

Our promise

Listening to our customers, understanding  their needs, and pro-actively delivering the right solution at the right time – every time is a daily duty. Whether it’s helping them customize their new Falcon, delivering it seamlessly or providing life-long support.

The Group

Strong products. Strong history.

Dassault Group is a France-based group of companies established after World War II with the creation of Dassault Aviation by Marcel Dassault, who began building aircraft over 100 years ago.

Dassault Aviation Group

The principle company of the group, Dassault Aviation, designs and manufactures military aircraft, business jets and space systems, mainly the Rafale fighter and Falcon jets. The rest consists of Dassault Falcon Jet USA, Dassault Falcon Service, Dassault Aircraft Services, ExecuJet MRO Services, TAG Maintenance Services and Sogitech simulation and training. Partnerships include Europe’s Next Gen Fighter and nEUROn unmanned drone programs.

Dassault Group

The Dassault Group of companies consists of Dassault Aviation, Dassault Systèmes, which pioneered the world’s most advanced industrial design software including CATIA, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and 3D Experience; Groupe Figaro media; Artcurial auction house and Chateau Dassault.