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Falcon 10X

The large business jet segment redefined
  • aircraft range

    Range 7,500 nm 13,890 km

  • aircraft users

    Up to 19 passengers

  • aircraft dimensions

    Max width: 109 in 2.77 m

    Max height: 80 in 2.03 m


Meet the mighty Falcon 10X

The Falcon 10X elevates comfort, style and flexibility beyond all expectations. It has the largest cabin of any purpose-built business jet and pioneering safety innovations. Its 7,500 nm (13,890 km) range and Maximum Mach Operating (MMO) speed of Mach .925 make it a powerful business tool.

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Maximum number of passengers 19
Range (8 pax, NBAA IFR Reserves) 7,500 nm 13,890 km
Maximum Operating Mach Number (MMO) .925
Maximum Certified Altitude 51,000 ft 15,545 m
Takeoff Distance (Sea Level, ISA, Max Takeoff Weight) < 6,000 ft < 1,829 m
Landing Distance (Unfactored, Sea Level, ISA, Typical Landing Weight) < 2,500 ft < 762 m


Expanding style, comfort and space

The 10X cabin is 6 feet, 8 inches (2.03 m) tall and 9 feet, 1 inch wide (2.77 m). That’s almost 8 inches (20 cm) wider and 2 inches (5 cm) taller than the widest and tallest purpose-built business jet flying today. What can you do with all that space? The real question is—what can’t you do?

Your choice of measurement units will change the display of the following performance characteristics.

Cabin Height 80 in 2.03 m
Cabin Width 109 in 2.77 m
Cabin Length 53.10 ft 16.40 m
Cabin Volume 2,780 ft3 78.70 m3
Baggage Volume 198 ft3 5.60 m3

The industry’s largest most comfortable cabin

Bigger, better flexibility

With the biggest cabin on the market, the 10X offers far greater layout flexibility. Thanks to its unique modular construction, you can specify a cabin with different zone lengths to create more customized interiors. For example, you can have an expanded dining/conference area, an entertainment area with a large-screen monitor, a private stateroom with a true queen-size bed or a master suite with a private stand-up shower. The baggage compartment is the largest in its class, conveniently accessible in flight.

A healthier, more productive work/life balance

  • Brightest. Quietest.

    The Falcon 10X has the largest Falcon windows—38 in all—providing better light distribution and true panoramic views with no dark areas. In fact, there is more total window area than the nearest competitors for a brighter, more enjoyable experience. Dassault’s decades of engineering expertise in acoustic dampening makes Falcon cabins the quietest in the skies, a benefit that passengers will appreciate.

  • Take a deep breath

    The air in the Falcon 10X is as pure as it gets, with an unprecedented cabin filtration system that eliminates ozone and pollutants. The unique Falcon environmental control system maintains optimum temperatures with no cold or hot spots. Humidity is perfectly regulated to ideal levels and cabin altitude is low, greatly reducing fatigue.

  • A new space innovation

    An optional Privacy Suite has multiple uses. It can function as an executive meeting area during the day or a place to rest at night. With an adjustable divider and berthable seats, two people can carry on a conversation or one can sleep in secluded comfort. It’s also a great space to conduct business or to enjoy HD entertainment.

  • Profitable connections

    State-of-the-art, high-speed connectivity includes Ka-band networking for seamless in-flight communications and broadband access, even in remote areas. And with FalconConnect™, usage can be managed to minimize costs. The latest high-definition entertainment is accessible on large-screen monitors or personal devices.

A home away from home as big as your dreams


The safest, most advanced widebody in the sky

Innovative systems in the Falcon 10X originated in Dassault’s fighter aircraft. Our Digital Flight Control System (DFCS) is more advanced than ever for precise, smooth flying. Breakthrough automated protections exponentially increase safety. The revolutionary FalconEye® Combined Vision System vastly enhances situational awareness in low-visibility conditions. And like all Falcons, the 10X is compatible with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

  • Next-generation digital flight controls

    Dassault has been the undisputed leader in advanced flight control systems for military fighters for decades. It revolutionized business aviation by introducing a Digital Flight Control System in the 7X, refining it for the 8X and 6X. Now, Falcon Digital Flight Control System technology leaps ahead again with industry-leading enhancements.

    Smarter, safer control

    The Digital Flight Control System on the Falcon 10X leads the industry in precision and confidence-inspiring handling. Its trajectory-based, auto-trimming capability reduces the need for constant pilot corrections, smoothing the flight path and making the pilot’s job easier and the passenger’s journey more comfortable.

    An industry first, Dassault’s Smart Throttle is the primary power control, connected to the Digital Flight Control System, linking both engines and automatically adjusting power as needed. In addition, a revolutionary protection mode, activated by a button, stabilizes the aircraft in adverse conditions. This is a direct transfer of technology from Dassault’s Rafale fighter jet and creates unequaled safety.

  • The all-seeing FalconEye®

    Dassault’s award-winning Combined Vision System, FalconEye, provides flight crews unprecedented situational awareness in all weather conditions, day or night. It adds significant safety margins for all airport operations, especially at airfields with difficult terrain. FalconEye provides guidance on approaches down to 100 feet before the runway is sighted

  • Advanced NeXus flight deck

    The Falcon 10X is equipped with the most capable avionics suite in business aviation. The new-generation NeXus flight deck includes simplified, intuitive interfaces with multi-function touch screens reducing pilot operations for easier flight management and enhanced safety. It also offers Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) integration and has fully reclining seats.

    A touch of intelligence

    NeXus avionics screens are touch displays, including two pedestal-mounted touch pads that provide a firm place for data entry and commands in turbulence. Screens provide multi-touch capability with pinch and zoom navigation. Altogether, the highly automated avionics suite allows easier flight management, relieving pilots of routine technical tasks.

    Planning made easy

    FalconSphere is Dassault’s Electronic Flight Bag, an all-in-one suite of features and apps that allow pilots and flight operations groups to prepare and manage missions with greater ease and precision. It’s a solution that yields substantial savings in time and cost while improving operating safety and efficiency, all within an efficient user experience.

    Pilot comfort confirmed

    On long missions (which on the 10X can exceed 15 hours), the flight deck is large enough for pilot seats to fully berth. This unique and innovative provision anticipates regulatory allowance for duty time credits in two-pilot operations. One pilot would then be able to rest, while a Crew Monitoring System ensures the pilot flying stays alert.

Cleaner, leaner, smarter power

The Falcon 10X is powered by business aviation’s most advanced and efficient engine, the Rolls-Royce Pearl® 10X. It’s the latest, largest and most powerful version in the Pearl series, delivering more than 18,000 pounds (80.1 kN) of thrust. It gives the 10X the power to leap off runways and climb swiftly above air traffic and turbulence. It operates much cleaner for more efficient fuel consumption and lower emissions.

The power of responsibility

The Pearl 10X combines innovative Rolls-Royce Advance2 program technologies and proven Pearl series features to deliver world-class environmental performance. It’s 5% more efficient than previous generations, with outstanding low-noise and emissions performance. It includes a highly efficient blisked fan; a market-leading, high-pressure compressor; an ultra-low emissions combustor; a two-stage shroudless, high-pressure turbine, as well as an enhanced four-stage low-pressure turbine that’s one of the most efficient and compact in the industry.

A jewel of technology

The Pearl engine family is part of the Rolls-Royce IntelligentEngine vision for longer service life and lower maintenance. It has a revolutionary Engine Health Monitoring System that adds advanced vibration detection to thousands of other parameters. It’s also enabled for bi-directional communications, allowing for remote reconfiguration of engine-monitoring features from the ground. This user-friendly diagnostic system keeps maintenance managers better informed of engine condition for exceptional aircraft availability and reliability.


The wide-ranging world of 10X

The 7,500 nm (13,890 km) Falcon 10X connects all major international business destinations nonstop. Fly New York to Shanghai, Hong Kong to New York, Los Angeles to Sydney, Paris to Santiago at Mach .85. Fly faster and connect Geneva to Singapore or New York to Dubai at Mach .90.

Your choice in the departure list will change how the aircraft range is displayed on the map.

Standard aircraft range, 85% Boeing annual wind reliability, NBAA IFR reserves
For advisory only. Actual performance may be affected by final aircraft configuration, cruise speed, ATC routing and weather conditions.

  • Mission flexibility

    As large as it is, the Falcon 10X can still access typical airports serving business aviation as well as others with challenging approaches. The Falcon 10X will be London City-capable so that it can fly you straight into the heart of global finance. When you’re ready for rest and relaxation, the 10X can whisk you to out-of-the-way corners of the world.

  • Safe at any speed

    Falcons are universally admired for their aerodynamic refinement. The 10X’s majestic shape reflects its mission—ultra long-range with unprecedented stability. As new as it is, the 10X is classic Falcon, made with manufacturing precision and quality, structural robustness, and an unbeatable combination of high-speed and low-speed performance.

  • A very different breed of bird

    There’s so much that sets the Falcon 10X apart from the competition, and indeed, from all other Falcons. Virtually everything about it is new-generation, from its near-perfect aerodynamics to its high-sweep, high-aspect-ratio wings constructed of high-performance composites with NeXus touchscreen avionics and auto thrust Smart Throttle.

    New wings, thin but strong

    The Falcon 10X’s wings feature both a high-sweep and high-aspect ratio optimized for ideal performance in all flight regimes, both high-speed and low-speed. They exceed anything in their class thanks to innovative carbon fiber technology, mastered for years by Dassault on the immensely strong Rafale fighter wings.

    High-lift devices

    The Falcon 10X’s high-lift wing system is the most advanced of any Falcon, creating the ideal balance between speed and flexibility. Its large flaps and four leading-edge slats will gently guide the 10X during stable, low-speed flight and slow approach speeds. The result is a unique, ultra-long range, very high-speed, extra-large-cabin jet that slips into relatively small airfields easily and safely.


Measuring up to greater expectations

The mighty Falcon 10X is an aircraft of enormous volume, ultra long-range and unlimited potential for enhancing productivity. But the numbers are only part of the story. The rest must be experienced.

Your choice of measurement units will change the display of the following performance characteristics.

Maximum number of passengers 19
Range (8 pax, NBAA IFR Reserves) 7,500 nm 13,890 km
Maximum Operating Mach Number (MMO) .925
Maximum Certified Altitude 51,000 ft 15,545 m
Takeoff Distance (Sea Level, ISA, Max Takeoff Weight) < 6,000 ft < 1,829 m
Landing Distance (Unfactored, Sea Level, ISA, Typical Landing Weight) < 2,500 ft < 762 m
Engines 2 Rolls-Royce Pearl® 10X
Engine Thrust-SL/ISA > 18,000 lb > 80.1 kN
Avionics Next-generation NeXus Flight Deck with all Multi-Touch Displays
Wingspan 110.3 ft 33.60 m
Length 109.6 ft 33.40 m
Height 27.6 ft 8.4 m
Cabin Height 80 in 2.03 m
Cabin Width 109 in 2.77 m
Cabin Length 53.10 ft 16.40 m
Cabin Volume 2,780 ft3 78.70 m3
Baggage Volume 198 ft3 5.60 m3
Maximum Takeoff Weight 115,000 lb 52,163 kg
Maximum Fuel Weight 51,700 lb 23,451 kg
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight 67,800 lb 30,754 kg


Always at the ready

The Falcon 10X comes with a worldwide support network, including FalconResponse™, a suite of Aircraft On Ground (AOG) support services committed to quickly returning a grounded Falcon back into operation. Dedicated FalconResponse aircraft can also provide alternative passenger lift when necessary—an industry first. Another Falcon service innovation, FalconScan™, is a breakthrough health-monitoring system that can identify potential maintenance issues before they affect aircraft performance.

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