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A unique heritage

Among all the business aircraft flying all over the world, only one can trace its heritage to legendary fighter jets like Mirage and Rafale. Every Falcon carries technologies proven in the fiercest environments. With DNA like that, it’s no wonder nothing flies or feels like a Falcon.


In June, the center of worldwide aviation will once again be Paris, France, and Dassault, of course, will be there, ready to welcome customers and operators. It remains the aviation community’s signature event where leaders and professionals involved in every aspect of the industry gather to share news and see what the future holds.

Falcon 6X


Falcon 8X


Why choose Falcon?

Around the world, Falcon is the brand of choice for discerning aircraft owners. When asked why, the number one answer is one word: balance. The singular Falcon balance between size and efficiency, range and versatility, performance and style can truly be called brilliant.

Dassault Aviation Highlights Continuous Investment and Upgrading of MRO Network

Dassault Aviation is investing in a wider global maintenance footprint with modernized and expanded MRO factory-service facilities, and more resources flowing toward authorized facilities. Since 2019, the network has approximately doubled in size to 40 factory service centers and 21 authorized facilities. Among the benefits of this expanded network, Dassault is moving the capability to perform major inspections and upgrades closer to customers—all with one uniformly high standard of excellence.

Sustainably efficient

From the highly efficient design and manufacture of our aircraft to their use of sustainable fuels and the daily operation of our business, virtually no decision is made without considering its impact on sustainability. In fact, it has led to our ranking as a European Climate Leader.

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