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Updating your aircraft

Falcons last a lifetime, but technology doesn’t stand still. We offer the highest quality OEM upgrades to improve your ownership experience, meet new requirements and maintain value.

Communications & satcom

We offer multiple upgrades for both cockpit and cabin connectivity that will bring your Falcon up-to-date with the latest high-speed broadband and satcom solutions for air-to-ground, ground-to-air and high-speed internet communications.

  • FalconConnect

    FalconConnect by Honeywell is a comprehensive suite of services with state-of-the-art connectivity and functionalities over multiple networks. It’s simple, reliable, and helps manage connections and usage costs. It also comes with 24/7 Dassault support.

  • FalconEye CVS

    Dassault’s award-wining FalconEye® is a cockpit innovation that increases your aircraft’s value as well as its safety. The system’s Head Up Display (HUD) shows pilots combined actual and synthetic views of runways and surrounding terrain, at night in any weather condition.

Protecting your investment

Falcons hold their value longer than other aircraft. Protect that investment by keeping it current. It will help when the day comes to collect a return and purchase a new one.

  • Avionics upgrades

    One of the best ways to maintain value is with more advanced avionics that bring new features and capabilities to your cockpit. We offer avionics upgrades of all types for all of our Falcon models. For example, Falcon Elite II, Falcon Select II and the Pro Line 21 series.

  • EASy flight deck

    The EASy flight deck revolutionized business aviation. Intuitive and ergonomic, it improves safety by reducing pilot workload. Subsequent EASy generations have added new features and capabilities that make upgrading beneficial to pilots and passengers.

  • Refurbishments

    One advantage of a Falcon is interior flexibility. Whether you need a style change to suit yourself or future buyers; or if normal wear and tear calls for a refresh; our designers and engineers have you covered. With their expertise and our state-of-the-art tools, it will look like new.

  • Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs)

    Upgrade packages, or STCs, have substantial regulatory requirements and several approval stages. Dassault is able to offer a wide variety of pre-certified STC packages—more than third-party companies—because Falcons are our business. You can be sure your upgrade will be done right and approved.