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Why Falcon

The answer depends upon who you ask. The VIP who does business in superb comfort and safety. The controller who values the ROI of a Falcon. The pilot whose "office" is the most advanced in business aviation. Or the flight department that relies on Falcon dependability. For all of them there is one aircraft.


Your cabin, your way

The Falcon cabin is a marvel of customization, connectivity, quiet, fresh air and light. Each is an expression of its owner's personal taste and desires.

French flair

It’s no surprise that the international word for elegance is “chic.” Dassault designers are routinely awarded for their stunning and inventive work. As a Falcon owner, you will have an opportunity to collaborate with a team who will lend their deep experience and style sense to achieve the cabin of your dreams.

Customized perfection

With a virtually limitless choice of configurations, furnishings, materials and finishes to choose from, your options range from multiple lounges and seating arrangements to dining and entertainment areas, state rooms and spa-like bathrooms. Whatever your vision, we can it make a reality.


Every pilot’s dream

Dassault's passion for innovation is the driving force behind impressive technological breakthroughs that make Falcons the best designed, best built and best flying business aircraft in the sky.

The feel of a fighter

Nothing flies like a Falcon because no other business jet has its military DNA. Over the years, Dassault engineers (who work on both military and business jets) have introduced breakthrough technologies to business aviation. As a Falcon owner, you benefit from more than a half-century of that experience and expertise.

  • EASy Flight Deck

    The Falcon cockpit is fighter inspired. It features EASy, an integrated man/machine interface that vastly increases operational capabilities, improves crew coordination, and reduces pilot workload for enhanced flying and situational awareness.

  • Digital Flight Controls

    Dassault was the first to introduce digital flight controls to business aviation. Designed and optimized for military aircraft, the Falcon Digital Flight Control System greatly reduces pilot workload while providing superior control and stability.

  • FalconEye Combined Vision System

    Another Dassault breakthrough in situational awareness is the FalconEye® Combined Vision System, which utilizes a unique Head Up Display (HUD) that turns darkest night into brightest day for safer landings in all operational conditions.


The world is your runway

Near perfect aerodynamics give Falcons the agility no other business jets can match. You ascend quickly to escape traffic tie-ups and turbulent weather, enjoy silky smooth cruising, and arrive closer to your destination, whether it’s a major hub or a remote airfield.

Fast takeoffs, smooth landings

With unique innovations in wing design and optimized strength-to-weight ratio, your Falcon can get you in and out of challenging airports, including those with demanding approaches, surrounded by steep mountains, nestled in deep valleys, or perched on hot-and-high locations.

Short hops, long hauls

Whatever the mission, Falcons deliver maximum versatility. For instance, because a Falcon can land with a virtually full fuel tank, you can make a short hop to pick up some passengers and head out over an ocean or continent without needing to refuel.


Whatever, whenever, wherever

Falcon owners and operators are backed by 2,200 professionals in a global network capable of responding to every need, from the routine to the extraordinary, with skill and precision.

Satisfaction is our promise

Since the first Falcons were delivered in 1965, Dassault Aviation has supported a fleet, now over 2,100, with no-compromises service. In fact, every owner or operator is treated like a member of the Falcon Family. It’s why the Dassault service network spans the globe and has strategically located command centers available 24/7.

Service, service everywhere

Dassault offers the most comprehensive portfolio of services in business aviation. From scheduled maintenance to AOG response, globally positioned spares inventories, pilot training and support, upgrades and customized programs to make maintaining Falcons affordable and predictable.

OAB: your voice to our ear

The Operator Advisory Board (OAB) represents Falcon operators worldwide. Its objective is to improve the Falcon Customer Experience by engaging fellow operators to share their knowledge. Their valuable feedback and recommendations help Dassault make improvements that benefit you and your flight department.


Cleaner design. Cleaner manufacturing.

Dassault has led the way in more environmentally friendly aircraft design and manufacturing for decades. Today, it is strongly involved in worldwide programs to improve best practices and in promoting greener flight operations.

Greener by design

There is no wasted weight on a Falcon. The optimized design of all aerostructures as well as lightweight materials make them the most efficient aircraft in business aviation, reducing both fuel use and emissions. And all Falcons are compatible with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

A whole-earth approach

Dassault’s eco-friendly manufacturing processes meet the highest industrial standards in the world such as ISO 14001 and European REACH. Named a European Climate Leader by the Financial Times, Dassault is also part of the Clean Sky Joint Undertaking and similar initiatives.

Cost of ownership

Value for a lifetime

Quality, efficiency and durability make every Falcon cost less to operate and retain greater value over its lifetime.

Fueling success

Controlling costs starts with saving fuel. The highly optimized design of Falcon aircraft delivers industry-leading fuel efficiency. They are also built to higher quality standards than competitors, a practice defined by decades of fighter jet production. So they cost less to maintain.

Greater ROI

It’s reassuring to know that Falcons consistently outperform their competitors in long-term retained value. Industry-leading technology and design, combined with exceptional quality and efficiency, make a Falcon a superior long-term investment that will pay off in a sale.

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Chad Winings

Regional Sales Director

Dassault Falcon Jet

597 Industrial Drive

Carmel, 46032

United States

Mobile Phone : +1 317 800 1263

Byron Severson

Regional Sales Director

Dassault Falcon Jet

8611 Lemmon Ave. Suite D208

Dallas, TX 75209

United States

Work Phone : +1 817 709 8880

Mark Greenwood

Regional Sales Director

Dassault Falcon Jet

200 Riser Road

Little Ferry, NJ 07643

United States

Work Phone : +1 201 541 4520

Robert Friedlander

Regional Sales Director

Dassault Falcon Jet

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Little Ferry, NJ 07643

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Work Phone : +1 940 368 2733

Patrick Dieker

Regional Sales Director

Dassault Falcon Jet

200 Riser Road

Little Ferry, NJ 07643

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Work Phone : +1 201 406 5321

David Bailey

Regional Sales Director

Dassault Falcon Jet

12155 Golden Bluff Ct.

Indianapolis, IN 46236

United States

Work Phone : +1 512 317 1840

Beatrice Ashe

Regional Sales Director

Dassault Falcon Jet

2016 Palomar Airport Road – Suite 201

Carlsbad, CA 92011

United States

Work Phone : +1 201 290 4487

Rhett Reavis

Regional Sales Director

Dassault Falcon Jet

200 Riser Road

Little Ferry, NJ 07643

United States

Work Phone : +1 201 541 4570

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