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Customer services

As the OEM, Dassault professionals know Falcons inside and out. And that means you’ll be able to enjoy maximum availability of your aircraft.


Maintenance predictability

FalconCare is an innovative program designed to help customers realize stable, predictable costs on parts, labor and AOG onsite events; including C-checks. FalconCare helps Falcon owners realize the highest value from their aircraft and obtain peace of mind.

FalconCare is a guaranteed maintenance cost management plan designed to ensure forecasting and budgeting accuracy. Coverage includes all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, parts, consumables and service bulletins, and spans the entire aircraft. Because it’s a three-tier program, it can be tailored to an owner’s specific needs. There’s even more flexibility within each tier like warranty supplements and incentive programs.

Falcon operators will also be able to take advantage of Dassault’s globe-spanning MRO network of factory-owned and authorized service centers with strategically-located spares distribution centers. Wherever you fly, teams of professionals are in place to take care of any need—routine or urgent—with our assurance that your Falcon will be maintained to the highest possible standards, enhancing both aircraft availability and resale value.


Spares wherever you go

There are 15 spares distribution centers strategically located around the globe, housing more than $900 million in Falcon parts. Ready to deliver a reliable part to the right place with the right price.

  • 24/7 live support

    To keep you flying wherever you travel, we guarantee anytime, anywhere availability of state-of-the-art Falcon parts, tools and expert technical teams should your aircraft be grounded for repairs.

  • AOG Part dispatch reliability

    The Spares team coordinates closely with the Falcon Command Center and GoTeams to ensure swift dispatch of parts to the site of an AOG. Their expertise in working with complex customs scenarios means that expedited delivery is the always the norm.

  • Cost-saving programs

    Dassault has a variety of innovative spares programs based on customer input that bring predictability and economy to maintenance operations. For instance, Falcon Spares Online, Monthly Spares Special Programs, Right Size Pricing and Falcon Advantage.

Dassault MRO network

A global support powerhouse

Dassault Aviation has put together a uniquely strong partnership of service organizations, one global network, offering a uniformly high level of expertise and capability.

  • The MRO organization

    Dassault Authorized Service Centers are able to offer major inspections at a wide range of new locations, position GoTeams to more far flung places, and share expertise across its worldwide network to ensure a uniformly high level of factory service wherever Falcons fly.


  • The sky is the limit

    Services such as maintenance, modification, interiors, paint, engines and upgrade options—as well as STC upgrades available only through Dassault—adhere to one standard of service for maximum choice and flexibility and a further enhanced customer experience.

A single point of contact

American, European, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific customers each have a wide choice of MRO solutions, locations and schedules through a centralized planning process, simplifying customer service requests and information gathering.


Your training. Your way.

Dassault believes that each customer’s needs are unique. Our training solutions are designed to reflect that, and to assist you in achieving operational excellence.

  • First-class partners

    Dassault’s global network of authorized partners enable us to deliver crew and maintenance training as close as possible to where you need it. They include CAE, FlightSafety International, and Aircare FACTS. All have state-of-the-art facilities and deep expertise.


  • Program flexibility

    Training service modules are flexible. If you need pilot inflight or simulator training, we offer either. If you need cabin familiarization for crews or owners, we also offer those. These services and more meet each and every worldwide aviation authority standard.

  • Dassault Training Academy

    Our own training organization complements our approved provider offerings with training on actual Falcon aircraft for crew and maintenance staff. This unique facility offers EASA-approved flight training and state-of-the-art, practical and immersive maintenance training.


Peace-of-mind maintenance

Dassault offers proactive maintenance products designed to help you maximize the safety, dispatchability, efficiency and performance of your aircraft.

  • FalconBroadcast

    FalconBroadcast provides a live operational link between your in-flight aircraft and ground maintenance crews. It gives operators the unique ability to identify and address aircraft maintenance issues while still in flight so that minor problems don’t become major ones.

  • CATS troubleshooting

    Our Computer Assisted Troubleshooting System (CATS) is an easy-to-use web-based software application that enables Falcon operators to quickly diagnose and correct a malfunction on the aircraft; and ranks the most probable and effective troubleshooting solution.

  • FalconScan 6X/10X

    Connecting directly to all aircraft systems, FalconScan monitors more than 100,000 parameters, for instant visibility by ground crews. Patented algorithms enable fault detection and troubleshooting, plus trend monitoring across the Falcon 6X/10X fleets worldwide.