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Fleet support

Owning and flying a Falcon entitles you to the highest level of safety, reliability, performance and efficiency. Falcon customer service provides all of the above, wherever and whenever.

24/7 support

Keeping you airborne (AOG)

To keep you flying wherever you travel, we guarantee anytime, anywhere availability of state-of-the-art Falcon parts, tools and expert technical teams should your aircraft be grounded for repairs.

24/7 Command Center

The Falcon Command Center is on alert around the clock tracking AOGs from bases in the US and Europe. A call to the hotline alerts engineers and parts specialists who coordinate with a global network of GoTeams, spares distribution centers and aircraft to handle an AOG situation.

  • FalconResponse

    FalconResponse™ is a comprehensive portfolio of AOG support services that guarantees the availability of state-of-the-art parts, tools and engineering resources to get a grounded Falcon back into operation as quickly as possible. It all starts with the 24/7 Falcon Command Center

  • GoTeams

    The service center network is equipped to deploy 250 GoTeam technicians specially trained in troubleshooting grounded aircraft. They are ready to mobilize at a moment’s notice when the Command Center gives them the green light to address an AOG, whenever and wherever it may occur.

  • Falcon Response fleet

    Airborne support Falcons are located at Teterboro airport (NYC) and Paris-Le Bourget airport. Both aircraft have intercontinental range and can reach the site of an AOG quickly. Dassault was the first OEM to have this capability with such a large global footprint.

  • Passenger alternative lift

    Business jets save time, but not when they’re on the ground. That’s why we offer AOG service. But if for some reason there is a delay in repairing your aircraft, you may be able to take advantage of our passenger lift option. It’s another Dassault first that has operators raving.

Spares dispatched in hours, 24/7

To keep you flying wherever you travel, we guarantee anytime, anywhere availability of state-of-the-art Falcon parts, tools and expert technical teams should your aircraft be grounded for repairs.

Operational support

We are at the ready

When you own a Falcon, you have the peace of mind that you are backed by the only OEM that provides a dedicated team specifically for operational support.

Global operations teams

A highly experienced team of pilots and engineers is dedicated to providing crews with a comprehensive range of support services to meet all operational needs. That includes new aircraft briefings, training, and regulatory and performance assistance. They’re based in the US and Europe, but they travel frequently.

  • Questions, answers, apps

    Falcon Operational Support teams are available to answer technical and operational questions before and after each Falcon delivery. They also assist in meeting regional regulatory requirements and can introduce pilots to innovative digital tools designed by Dassault that will make flying more efficient.

  • 365 support days

    In addition to briefings and flight training, Falcon Operational Support personnel attend seminars and conduct demo flights. They also help write aircraft manuals. Last but not least, they analyze customer feedback which often comes from the Falcon Operator Advisory Board and leads to recommendations.


Service network

Around the world. Around the clock.

Dassault Aviation has put together a powerful partnership of service organizations to meet the needs of Falcon customers wherever they travel.

Dassault Aviation’s service network supports more than 2,100 Falcons in over 90 countries. It’s comprised of 2,200 professionals, 40 service centers and 15 spares distribution facilities strategically located around the globe, close to customers and business aviation hubs. All of the Dassault-owned and authorized service centers are wholly dedicated to one global standard of excellence.

This image presents the Dassault Falcon service network worldwide. Click on the link "Service Network" below to learn more.