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EASy Flight Deck

The most intuitive man-machine interface.

The EASy cockpit is the most advanced flight deck system available. Fully digital, highly intuitive and interactive. It was designed to enable both pilots to work better as a team, reduce pilot workload and create greater situational awareness.

EASy Architecture

Built on Honeywell’s Primus Epic system, the EASy cockpit has four large screens arranged in a ‘T’ configuration. They display all information from aircraft sensors affecting systems, communications, navigation and flight management, an advantage over other avionics systems.

Each pilot has a trackball Cursor Control Device (CCD) on the center pedestal for faster, more accurate function control and more head-up time. Two outboard Primary Display Units (PDUs) are directly in front, dedicated to short-term tactical information.

Two inboard Multifunction Display Units (MDUs) are stacked vertically in the center of the instrument panel. Visible and accessible to both pilots, they can be easily configured to display specifically-selected, strategic flight information such as navigational functions, FMS, systems pages, checklists, etc.

Automatic Checklists

EASy’s checklists are automated. Checklists are linked to a synoptic display system that activates pop-up diagrams of the relevant systems.

Graphical Flight Planning

EASy flight planning is graphically based. One click on a phase of flight icon brings up the associated menus. Very little data entry is needed as most information is already in its databases, making flight calculations fast and accurate.

In flight, EASy displays whatever information is needed. Windows can simultaneously display the digital ATIS information and critical performance information such as landing weight, required vs. usable runway length and approach speed.

Navigating the EASy Way

With the upper MDU, a wide range of map data can be selected from airports to radar. In difficult terrain, information is typically displayed for departures and arrivals. Pilots can range in or out as required and select map rotation. Clicking on any facility or waypoint provides access to other information or functions through a pop-up menu.

FalconEye CVS

Recent EASy upgrades feature Dassault’s award-winning FalconEye® Combined Vision System, which delivers unprecedented situational awareness day and night in all weather conditions. It combines synthetic, database-driven terrain mapping with actual thermal and low-light camera images displayed on large, high-definition HUDs.