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​Every Falcon is designed to handle multiple types of missions safely, easily and efficiently. And do so without compromise.
Business jet

No matter which Falcon you choose, you have an asset that handles every mission efficiently. An aircraft with the agility to get you in and out of places that other aircraft (and your competitors) can only fly over.
All Falcons are aerodynamically optimized for low-speed landings, which enhance safety on short and wet runways. Unique innovations such as high-lift wings, and optimized strength-to-weight ratio assure access to more challenging airports, including airports with demanding steep approaches, such as London City Airport, or Lugano, Switzerland. Or remote airfields under every conceivable condition. Whether it’s heat or high elevation, nothing will stop you.

With a Falcon, you ascend quickly to escape traffic tie-ups and turbulent weather, arriving closer to your destination. What’s more, because your Falcon can land with a virtually full fuel tank, you can even combine a short hop from city to city — pick up some passengers — with a long haul across an ocean or continent, all without needing to refuel. Whatever the mission requires, Falcon delivers.