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Why choose a Falcon?​​​​​

You deserve the best. You deserve a Falcon.

At Dassault Falcon, we draw on our experience in building fighter jets that fly at twice the speed of sound and withstand nine times the force of gravity. We work with the same engineers, the same development teams and the same rigorous flight test pilots. This is unique in the industry and it gives every Falcon the strength, the durability, and the cutting-edge technology of a combat-ready aircraft.


Exceptional cabin comfort

The Falcon cabin is spacious and comfortable. It is exquisitely customized to your specifications and crafted from the finest materials. It features advanced technologies so you can work, rest and be entertained in comfort and in peace. Plus, its smooth, quiet ride, full-size galley, and stand-up lavatory/dressing room helps to keep you and your team productive in-flight, and rested and relaxed upon arrival.


Advanced technologies

Dassault is a global leader in technology. We have developed 100 aircraft prototypes over the last 50 years. We have created design software used by other leading aerospace and automobile companies. In fact, our advanced CATIA and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software is now used by more than 70,000 companies worldwide. And it is this drive for excellence and our passion for technological innovation, which makes every Falcon more advanced, more refined and more efficient than any other jet. All of this gives you outstanding performance in the air and in the boardroom.

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The handling and flexibility of a fighter jet

Pilots tell us that flying a Falcon is, compared to a standard jet, like driving a sports car compared to an SUV. This unique experience is the result of the technology transfer from developing our advanced Mirage and Rafale combat aircraft. Intelligent design features like the wing’s leading-edge slats give Falcons matchless airfield performance, mission flexibility and clean, crisp handling. Ask any pilot. Nothing feels and nothing flies like a Falcon.

Superior efficiency

No other jet is as aerodynamically efficient as a Falcon. Unless, of course, it’s a Dassault fighter jet. The technical and engineering advancements these aircraft share make every Falcon the absolute leader in its class. From superior fuel economy to lower carbon emissions, from greater agility and flexibility to slower, safer landing capabilities, the Falcon gives you it all. Every time.

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Higher resale value

Experience has shown us that Falcon jets consistently outperform their competitors in both low cost of ownership and long-term retained value. Industry-leading technology and design, combined with exceptional performance and efficiency, make a Falcon a superior investment time after time.