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Falcon Customer Service

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Dassault Aviation recognized as the industry benchmark in aftermarket support.

Falcon operators enjoy the support of a worldwide network of aircraft after-service professionals, equipped with a range of state-of-the-art facilities, programs and tools, to help maintain their aircraft and keep them in the best flying condition.

Falcon Customer Service Mission

Since the first Falcon entered service in 1965, Dassault Aviation has strived to build a global customer support organization capable of providing operators with the highest level of safety, reliability, operating efficiency and customer value throughout the life cycle of the aircraft.
This demanding mission is the responsibility of Falcon Customer Service, widely recognized as today’s industry benchmark in aftermarket support.

Comprised of more than 3,100 dedicated professionals from throughout the Dassault Aviation Group and backed up by a worldwide network of MRO facilities, spare parts warehouses and field service offices, Falcon Customer Service supports more than 2,100 Falcons flown by 1,300 operators in nearly 100 countries around the globe.

Dassault Voted #1 in Customer Support

A surge in Dassault investment in 2019 considerably expanded the group’s factory-owned maintenance, repair and overhaul and spare parts networks. The company purchased the MRO activities of ExecuJet, TAG Aviation, and RUAG and opened a new state-of-the-art spares distribution center near Charles de Gaulle Airport dedicated to customers in the Eastern Hemisphere.

All told, these acquisitions added 17 factory-owned facilities and more than 1,000 service professionals to our global service network and proactively positioned the company to support a growing and more globally dispersed customer base.

To streamline this enlarged service organization, the company subsequently combined TAG Maintenance Services and ExecuJet MRO Services operation along with its Dassault Falcon Service subsidiary, into a new sales organization intended to simplify access to customers of these affiliates. 

The new unit provides a single dedicated sales point of contact for each customer, irrespective of where their aircraft are maintained; a central planning department entrusted with identifying the best service solution, location and schedule for individual customer requirements; and a single engineering department offering aftermarket products and services, cabin refurbishment, connectivity and cockpit updates and other modification services.

These and other ongoing efforts and investments were recently recognized by two customer surveys conducted by Professional Pilot and Aviation International News (AIN), whose readers voted Dassault Aviation the top service provider in the business jet sector for 2019 and 2020. Operators cited spares availability, cost of parts and speed of AOG service as top reasons for giving Dassault such high scores.

Product Support Around the Globe ...

Falcon support facilities are strategically located around the globe, close to customers and major business aviation markets. The network includes more than 55 service centers and 16 spares distribution facilities and includes four operating affiliates:
  • Dassault Aircraft Services (DAS)

  • Dassault Falcon Service (DFS) 

  • TAG Maintenance Services (TMS)

  • ExecuJet MRO Services 

Americas – Dassault Aircraft Services (DAS), headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, operates four full-service centers serving operators throughout the Americas: 

  • Little Rock, Arkansas

  • Wilmington, Delaware

  • Reno, Nevada

  • Sorocaba, Brazil

 DAS also maintains five line service facilities: 

  • Teterboro, New Jersey

  • Stuart, Florida

  • St. Louis, Missouri

  • Van Nuys, California

  • Denver, Colorado

Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa – 

Dassault Falcon Service (DFS), based at Paris Le Bourget Airport, operates two full service centers dedicated to European customers: 

  • Paris-Le Bourget, France

  • Bordeaux-Mérignac, France

along three line facilities:

  • Moscow, Russia

  • Rome, Italy

  • Nice, France

TAG Maintenance Services (TMS) also dedicated to the European market, operates five service centers:

  • Geneva, Switzerland

  • Farnborough, UK

  • Le Bourget, France

  • Lisbon, Portugal

  • Lugano, Switzerland

and one line facility:

  • Luton, UK

ExecuJet MRO Services serves operators in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia/Oceania. It operates eight service centers:

  • Brussels, Belgium

  • Dubai, UAE

  • Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Kortrijk, Belgium

  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Melbourne, Australia

  • Perth, Australia

  • Sydney, Australia

ExecuJet also runs two line stations:  

  • Brisbane, Australia

  • Cape Town, South Africa

DFS, TMS and the European segment of ExecuJet MRO Services operate through a central sales unit that offers simplified access and a wide choice of MRO solutions, locations and schedules to their respective customers across the Eastern Hemisphere.

... And Around the Clock

The Dassault MRO network is supported by a full range of aftermarket services intended to return Falcons to the air as quickly as possible whenever an operating issue arises.

Falcon Command Center  – The Falcon command center tracks Aircraft On Ground events and other customer issues across the globe around the clock from facilities in Teterboro, New Jersey; Boise, Idaho; and Bordeaux-Mérignac, France. Staffed with customer service engineers, systems specialists and spares coordinators, the center can marshall all the resources available to Dassault Aviation to solve customer problems, troubleshoot failures and organize rapid on-site assistance.

GoTeams A network of 250 specially trained GoTeam technicians is available 24/7 to troubleshoot grounded aircraft. The GoTeams are assisted by a web of more than 100 Field Reps at 35 Dassault Aviation field offices in 16 countries designed to coordinate AOG activities and provide necessary engineering support. Additionally, a dedicated team is on call 24/7 to handle structural repair.

Falcon Response – To minimize Aircraft on Ground (AOG) time, operators can turn to Falcon Response, a comprehensive portfolio of services that guarantees the availability of spare parts, tools and engineering resources needed to return a grounded Falcon back into the air as quickly as possible.

Falcon Response can leverage the full resources of the Falcon Command Center and its worldwide team of GoTeams, technical reps and customer service managers in responding to AOG events.

Two dedicated Falcon Airborne Support aircraft are available to dispatch spare parts, tools and GoTeams to the site of an AOG. Based at Teterboro and Le Bourget, these long-range Falcon 900 jets can also provide alternative lift for stranded customers – an industry first.

Maximizing Customer Value

Business jet operators are under constant pressure to optimize costs and operating efficiency while maintaining the highest residual value of their assets. Dassault offers a full spectrum of training, flight support and spare parts services, engineering and maintenance tools to keep Falcons in peak working order throughout the life cycle of the aircraft.

World-Class Training

Keeping Falcons in top condition and maintaining safe, efficient aircraft operation starts with proper training. Training services are offered by authorized partners and an in-house training academy.

Authorized Training Partners – Pilot and maintenance training is provided by three Authorized Training Partners–-CAE, FlightSafety International and GlobalJet Services–-at numerous training centers around the world, enabling instruction to be dispensed as close as possible to the operator’s premises.

Training and course materials are audited regularly by Dassault experts to ensure they adhere to company standards and recommendations. Offerings are updated as required to meet evolving regulatory requirements. 

Dassault Training Academy – Contractual training is complemented by in-house OEM instruction offered by the Dassault Training Academy and tailored to individual operator requirements and fleet models. These courses include:

  • Aircraft-based training for added takeoff and landing type ratings and instructor/examiner type rating courses, dispensed through Dassault Aviation’s EASA Approved Training Organization certificate.

  • Flight crew briefings and in-flight assistance.
  • Cabin familiarization training, designed to provide a comprehensive rundown of satcom, flight cabin management, galley equipment and cabin amenities and other capabilities right on the customer aircraft.

  • Practical maintenance training – the first practical training authorization ever granted to a business jet OEM. The latest iteration of this offering is Falcon Immersive Practical Training, which employs virtual reality (VR) and hands-on training techniques to put technicians through the paces as if they were working on an actual aircraft.

  • Structural repair, composite repair, non-destructive testing, and other maintenance and repair courses offered in partnership with Aerocampus Aquitaine in Latresne, France, near Bordeaux.

Innovative Flight Operations Support

Dassault provides a full line of innovative products and services to help pilots maximize the safety, availability and efficiency of their aircraft.

Pilot Operational Support teams – Falcon operators benefit from a full range of services designed to assist them in their day-to-day flight operations. Pilot Operational Support Teams, based in Teterboro, New Jersey; Little Rock, Arkansasa; and Saint-Cloud, France, are available to answer technical and operational queries before and after each Falcon delivery. These teams also conduct pre-delivery briefings and familiarization training, starting well before the aircraft arrives in the customer’s hands. The teams also assist in meeting specific regional regulatory requirements and support customer communication events such as Dassault’s annual Regional Maintenance and Operations Seminars.

Pilot apps – A range of special application tools are available to help operators get the most out of their Falcon aircraft. These include:
  • FalconPerf for optimized takeoff and landing performance

  • Electronic Weight & Balance (eWB) for fast, accurate pre-flight Weight & Balance calculations

  • Electronic Performance Manual (ePM) for optimized flight planning and en-route performance data computations

  • Falcon Flight Doc app on iPad. Developed specifically for pilots and applicable for all Falcon models, this app ensures customer aircraft remain up to date with the latest flight manual revisions and operational publications. Directly synchronized to the Falcon Customer Portal, it has notched more than 4,000 subscriptions worldwide to date.

  • eDispatch, available for Falcon 7X and 8X aircraft, analyzes dispatch data from different Dassault documents (MMEL, PAL CDL, NEF/NSRI)  to generate timely information on dispatch conditions based on Fault and CAS messages. The eDispatch app can be used in lieu of the easy Dispatch Guide (eDG).

  • eWAS provides worldwide graphical weather observations and forecasts and supports detailed weather analysis along the flight plan both before and during the flight.

  • eOFP (electronic operational flight plan), displays third part flight plans as Jeppesen or Universal charts and reports flight data on the navigation log during the flight.

Spare Parts, Expedited Worldwide 

Dassault is the industry benchmark for spare parts handling. AOG orders can be shipped anywhere in the world within two hours or less and the company maintains a spare parts service level of 98.5% overall – tops in the industry.
Currently, Dassault maintains more than 80,000 parts numbers worth more than $900 million in its global spares inventory. Parts are stored at two central warehouses – in Teterboro, New Jersey, and Paris-Charles de Gaulle, France – and at 14 Regional Distribution Centers: 

  • Little Rock, Arkansas

  • Louisville, Kentucky

  • Wilmington, Delaware

  • Reno, Nevada

  • São Paulo, Brazil

  • Lagos, Nigeria

  • Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Moscow, Russia
  • Dubai, UAE

  • Singapore

  • Hong Kong, China

  • Beijing, China 
  • Sydney, Australia
In January 2019, the central warehouse facility at Paris Le Bourget was replaced by a larger more modern complex in Tremblay-en-France, near Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport that considerably improves the speed and efficiency of parts distribution to customers in the Eastern Hemisphere. The new flagship distribution center features a state-of-the-art design and, thanks to its proximity to one of the world’s major transport hubs, can whisk parts and tools to Falcon customers quicker than ever before. The $50-million, 180,000-square-foot (16,500 sq meter) facility is equipped with vertical lift machines, carrier robots and advanced picking equipment and an ultra-modern parts management system that vastly improves logistics monitoring and handling efficiency.  

Predictable, Proactive Engineering and Maintenance Tools

Falcon customers have access to a wide range of plans designed to help them manage their fleet more efficiently and save costs. 
is the most comprehensive guaranteed maintenance cost management plan in the industry. Introduced in 2005, it provides operators with a full range of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance services that ensure predictable and stable annual costs year in and year out.

Dassault recently signed the 500th FalconCare contract and expanded the program to meet a broader range of customer needs and budgets. 

Based on feedback from flight departments and the Falcon Operator Advisory Board, the expanded pay-as-you-fly service offers operators two different levels of coverage in accordance with their particular maintenance needs:
  • FalconCare Essential, the basic offering, covers the full cost of genuine Dassault Spare parts, with additional services available as on option.
  • FalconCare Elite is an all-inclusive offering covering parts, labor and consumables as well as AOG GoTeam service, documentation, exchange items like batteries and wheels and other maintenance services.

Each plan includes a FalconCare Efficiency Bonus, which provides operators with a financial reward for engaging in the most cost effective maintenance practices. And both allow operators to establish a Flex Spending Account for miscellaneous costs outside FalconCare coverage.

Falcon Maintenance Doc is an interactive app that enables customers to easily consult, update and manage up-to-date maintenance, repair and logistics documentation. Like Falcon flight manuals, the Falcon Maintenance Doc is available on iPad or tablet devices. 

FalconBroadcast eensures Falcons are always mission ready by identifying maintenance issues in flight and providing instant alerts to operators and ground maintenance crews via satellite so they can be addressed as quickly as possible.

Unparalleled Aftermarket Solutions

Falcon Customer Service offers a range of upgrade and STC solutions designed to keep both in-production and out-of-production Falcons at the state of the art. Offerings include: 


  • New FMS

  • ADS-B Out

  • FANS 1A+

  • LCD cockpit displays

  • LED lighting
  • iPad arm

  • a wide array of connectivity solutions from Air-to-Ground to L-Band, Ku-Band and KaBand Satcom

More than 1,100 Classic Falcons are still flying around the world, including one built way back in 1965 –proof of both Dassault’s commitment to supporting Falcons throughout their entire life cycle and the sturdiness and longevity of Falcon aircraft.

Some of the most popular upgrades are: 
  • Falcon Elite II, which combines Honeywell electronic flight displays with synthetic vision features
  • FMS software functionalities like LPV that ensure compliance with new air traffic management regulations
  • JetWave Satcom antenna suites designed to support FalconConnect connectivity services

  • Electronic charts/maps, XM weather overlays and other enhancements that allow operators to access a larger number of airports, utilize FANS1/A+ for transatlantic crossings, etc.

Other upgrades include Falcon Pro Line 21 and Falcon Select II, which equip older model Falcon 2000s, 50EXs and 900s with Rockwell Collins Pro Line IV and Honeywell Falcon Primus 800 electronic flight displays and new air traffic management functionalities.

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