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2019 Falcon Family Breakfast

​In October, 2019, the annual Falcon Family Breakfast was again held at NBAA,
which took place this year in Las Vegas, Nevada.
As always, it was a festive and informative occasion,
with hundreds of members of the extended Falcon Family
— from owners and operators, to partners and the press —
in attendance.

Couldn’t join the show?
No problem. You can watch it all right here.


Among a number of management changes in 2019, Thierry Betbeze has been appointed CEO of Dassault Falcon Jet, replacing Jean Rosanvallon who is now the Senior Special Advisor on Business Aviation Affairs for Dassault Aviation. Everyone in the business aviation community knows Jean, a 44-year Dassault veteran and 23-year Dassault Falcon Jet leader. His impact will be felt for years to come.


And there has been another important changing of the guard. Phillippe Deleume, Dassault’s Chief Test Pilot, is also downshifting into a slower speed. Phillipe was filmed this summer at the Paris Air Show, where he flew his final demonstration flight.


The Operators’ Advisory Board is the face and voice of the customer at Dassault Aviation. And when its members meet, Dassault listens. It’s the first and most important thing a company can do for its customers. Watch the Operators’ Advisory Board in action during a gathering this past June in Merignac, France.


The 6X will take the Falcon fleet to new heights of performance. But the 8X is a tough act to follow. To prove its capability, Chief Pilot Franco Nese and Captain Ryan Duveneck decided to try to set an unusual speed record that involved departing from a very short field with some fussy neighbors followed by a sprint across the country.

Here’s how a new record gets set. It’s one that other aircraft in this category could not even attempt.


That record-setting flight wasn’t the only memorable 8X flight for Franco this past year. While Santa Monica to Teterboro was all about speed — this flight was more about the way an 8X responds to the pilot.

In this case, not just any pilot, but legendary aerobatic champion and airshow performer, Mike Goulian, who was blown away by his demo ride in the 8X in the spring.