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Falconer Online

​Feature stories on the people, places and technologies that drive the industry

Falconer - Issue 52 / 2021

In this issue we take an in-depth look at the recently launched Falcon 10X and a get progress report on the well-advanced Falcon 6X test campaign. Falcon operator, Avfuel, reveals the indispensability of their Falcon, and we honor one of the last living Tuskegee Airman.

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Falconer - Issue 51 / 2020

In this issue we look at how Planet 9 built a successful operation around the Falcon product, we join our Falcon Response team on a real life mission and we recap the steady progress of the Falcon 6X as it nears its first flight.

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Falconer - Issue 50 / 2020

In this issue we celebrate Keller Companies’ 45-year-old Falcon 10 that is still flying high, we receive an update on the exciting 6X program and we speak with Carlos Brana who is taking the helm of Dassault Aviation’s civil aircraft division.

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Falconer - Issue 49 / 2019

In this issue we speak with Falcon operator, John Travolta, take a look at the development of HUD technology and cover the expansion of the global Falcon Customer Service network.

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Falconer - Issue 48 / 2018

In this issue we introduce the ground-breaking Falcon 6X, pay tribute to the late Serge Dassault and meet some influential customers who are helping to elevate the Brazilian economy.

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Falconer - Issue 47 / 2017

In this issue we look at leading-edge technologies that find their way into our aircraft, our design systems and our customer support organization.

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Falconer - Issue 46 / 2015

In this issue we speak with Falcon operator, Terry Peabody, whose latest entrepreneurial endeavor has resulted in the award-winning Craggy Range winery.

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