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Flight Operations Tools​​​​​

Having information at your fingertips makes flight planning and flying easier. We’re constantly updating our toolkit of applications to meet your needs and expectations. Falcon Smart includes a portfolio of innovative products and services to maximize safety, dispatchability, efficiency and performance. 


FalconSphere is the Dassault all-in-one suite customized for each Falcon. It allows pilots, flights ops, administrators and crew to prepare and manage business jet missions. This solution saves time and cost, while improving safety and efficiency. The user experience is innovative and easy. It comes with an array of apps that can be easily downloaded and updated from the FalconSphere store.

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FalconPerf is a dedicated application for optimizing takeoff and landing performance in compliance with Airplane Flight Manual (AFM) data and your operational regulations. FalconPerf guarantees a worldwide solution and includes the Dassault Aircraft Performance Database along with monthly updated Airport Data from Jeppesen (over 3,250 airports available).

Electronic Weight and Balance (EWB)

This graphical application for pre-flight weight and balance calculations generates load sheets customized to your company settings. Additionally, EWB lets you retrieve charts and graphs for determining aircraft weight and center of gravity. Envelope violations are displayed visually; adjusting loads to keep them within limits is simple.

Electronic Performance Manual (ePM)

Dassault's Electronic Performance Manual optimizes flight planning and provides high speed en-route performance data in compliance with Dassault Performance Manuals and operational regulations. This cruise performance module enables flight crews to assess in-flight strategy. A new “Green” function offers profiles with minimum fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

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