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​​Training Facilit​​ies​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Our training solutions are designed and taught by highly experienced cross-functional teams of experts who apply the highest quality skills training, all in accordance with aviation authority standards worldwide.

Dassault relies on a network of contractual partners that are able to deliver Falcon owners and operators the training they need, as close as possible to where they need it. Our Dassault Falcon Authorized Training Providers, FlightSafety International & CAE, train pilot crews, technical staff and flight attendants to work with their Falcon in strict accordance to OEM standards and recommendations. Aircare FACTS provides customers with aircraft cabin familiarization training where they need it upon delivery of their new Falcon.

Additionally, Dassault has elected to create its own training organization to adequately complement its approved training providers’ off erings with training on the actual aircraft for pilot and maintenance staff. The Dassault Training Academy® is the unique OEM training facility capable of delivering:

  • EASA-approved technical staff practical training
  • EASA-approved pilot aircraft base training (takeoff and landing on actual aircraft required to add any Falcon type rating on an EASA’s pilot license)
  • EASA-approved Falcon type rating instructor or examiner rating

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