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At Dassault Falcon, we appreciate the commitment and investment you make when you choose to buy a Falcon. And we understand that you expect a high level of service in return.
We put that understanding into action by providing programs like FalconCare.

FalconCare is a comprehensive maintenance cost program designed to help customers better manage their maintenance budgets through stable, predictable costs related to parts, labor and even AOG onsite events, with coverage up to and including C inspections. The program helps Falcon owners realize the highest value from their aircraft by providing them with total control over their maintenance budgets. It gives them access to the biggest network of service professionals that an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) can purpose, ready to serve and support them and their aircraft. And it provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your aircraft is receiving the best possible care.

With more than 500 contracts signed, FalconCare has become the preferred maintenance solution for owners and operators of Falcon jets. It is the most complete OEM maintenance program in the industry.

Enrollment is available for your Falcon at any time. The FalconCare program is flexible, depending on your type of operations and staff. You can choose between the Essential offer (parts only) and the Elite offer (parts, labor and more).

With FalconCare, your budget stays on track

Your maintenance expenses are fully predictable:

  • Guaranteed fixed rates
  • Easy budgeting and forecasting
  • No surprises
  • Smooth, steady payments to keep your budget on target for the duration of the contract

This program enhances your aircraft resale value

FalconCare adds value, recognized by professional aircraft valuation companies:

  • Aircraft maintenance performed in accordance with Dassault Aviation's requirements
  • Aircraft maintained to the highest standard and reliability level
  • Maintenance performed with Genuine OEM parts
  • Program fully transferable without transfer fee
  • Increased potential for buyer consideration

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