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Digital Flight Control System

Dassault Aviation is the undisputed leader in fly-by-wire technology from decades of experience developing the technology in our combat aircraft. Our highly advanced Falcon Digital Flight Control System (DFCS) was not only the first for a business jet (the Falcon 7X and 8X), it set new benchmarks in reliability, safety and integration that is simply unmatched by the competition. 

What makes the Falcon DFCS different than others?

Over 40 years of perfecting fly-by-wire technology (starting with the legendary Mirage 2000 fighter) makes Dassault the undisputed leader in the industry. We have developed the system entirely in-house which elevates the level of integrity in responsiveness, accuracy and control that is simply unmatched. We don’t use off-the-shelf components; we manufacture the flight control systems ourselves. And the flight controls that are in your Falcon business jet are the same as those in our Rafale fighter aircraft. No other business jet can match that level of performance.

Simply put, Falcons are built with the best flight control technology in the industry.

What is the advantage of having a Digital Flight Control System?

Falcons equipped with a DFCS provide a seamless relationship between pilot and plane. That creates the smoothest and most comfortable ride for passengers along with increased efficiency and safety.


Precise flight path control. The pilot tells the airplane what they want it to do, and the Digital Flight Control System deploys the most efficient combination of control surfaces to make the airplane fly the desired path, smoothly and efficiently.

But it does much more than just move control surfaces.

Our proprietary DFCS has built-in protections, allowing pilots to safely push the impressive performance and efficiency of a Falcon in critical phases of flight without exceeding the flight envelope. Further, it will even dampen turbulence, providing a smoother, more enjoyable ride and greater peace of mind for passengers.

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