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Simple. Seamless. Smarter connectivity.

Today’s business jet passengers demand in-flight internet that is fast, reliable and always available. They expect to stay productive and entertained, anywhere they fly, with connectivity that is as good as they get on the ground.

Dassault Aviation simplifies onboard connectivity with FalconConnect, an all-in-one suite of services and applications that enables operators to deliver the best-available connected experience to their passengers, flight crews and ground crews. Powered by Honeywell, FalconConnect was developed in partnership with Dassault Aviation engineers who know Falcon aircraft best to develop a connectivity solution tailored to your specific needs.

Industry-leading connectivity.

FalconConnect is extremely flexible and can be used to access networks including 3G/4G on ground, Wi-Fi, Inmarsat L-Band, Datalink, Iridium Classic and Next, Viasat Ku and Ka-Bands or Jet ConneX Ka-Band, and is expandable to accommodate future developments.

To maximize performance, operators can work with Dassault-owned service centers to upgrade their aircraft’s capabilities with the latest hardware to take advantage of the capabilities offered by the most advanced networks.

No hidden fees. No surprises.

Depending on the network and hardware configuration, FalconConnect lets passengers experience everything the internet has to offer. For example, using the Inmarsat Jet ConneX Ka-Band network, they can send and receive email, upload and download large files, browse the internet, teleconference and watch live streaming video, as if they were at home or in the office, even on transoceanic flights.

Business jet

For operators, FalconConnect can provide guaranteed data rates (on the Ka-Band) and offer access to a wide range of tools to manage data use and reduce costs without affecting the user experience. Flexible data plans are available through FalconConnect, which also includes easy-to-use tools to help operators monitor and control costs and usage.

A new portal for customers.

The new FalconConnect dashboard brings together in-flight connectivity, flight planning/optimization, and flight database services in a single platform for a seamless user experience. The powerful, intuitive and flexible portal allows customers to use an intuitive dashboard to manage nearly every aspect of their business aviation operations.

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Global Support.

FalconConnect includes fully integrated support backed by unique technical expertise and worldwide resources that are available 24/7, along with a single point of contact for technical support.

Dassault Aviation stands committed to providing you with a simple, flexible connectivity solution that will meet and exceed your current and future needs.

Contact your Falcon representative to learn more about FalconConnect.