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Nonstop connectivity to your nonstop world

Dassault has developed a comprehensive solution to connectivity for your Falcon business jet that is many times more efficient and straightforward for passengers, crews and operators. We call it, FalconConnect.

Launched in partnership with Honeywell/Go Direct, two well-respected leaders in the aircraft communications industry, this first-of-its-kind innovation simplifies and transforms the way new connectivity technologies are implemented in order to create the most compelling user experience.

No hidden fees. No surprises.

Competitively priced, all-in-one packages deliver high-speed cabin Internet (video conferencing, email and voice over IP) and cockpit safety solutions, along with other value-added services, all folded into one plan with one bill. They are designed to fit every user and Falcon fleet need, including the ability to access real-time information about your system and data consumption through mobile apps, or from the ground, while your Falcon is on a mission.

Flexible and under control.

Only FalconConnect is able to provide such value-added services as the ability to easily monitor and control data consumption and costs. With optimized data filtering services, connectivity advisories and per-device/per-tail billing through vouchers or credit cards, Falcon operators will be able to fly with absolute peace of mind.

Business jet

Industry-leading connectivity

What also makes FalconConnect unique is its flexibility, both in terms of what it offers and how it’s offered. That equates to multiple networks for your cabin and cockpit, including 3G/4G on ground, Wi-Fi, Inmarsat L-Band, Datalink, Iridium Classic and Next, Viasat KU and Ka or Jet Connex KA-Band, with the ability to adapt to future technologies.

Depending on your specific needs, routers and antennas are available as upgrades which can be performed quickly and cost effectively by your nearest Dassault-owned service center.

For passengers and crews alike, FalconConnect simply means reliable connectivity 24/7, worldwide and a better flying experience.

Global support

True to its customer-centric design, FalconConnect also includes fully integrated support backed by unique technical expertise and worldwide resources. And you can have the added advantage of a single point of contact for all commercial services and system technical support, 24/7.

Dassault stands committed to providing you with a simple, flexible connectivity solution that will meet and exceed your current and future needs.