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Future Falcons

Dassault is consistently at the forefront of aviation research and development. Creating, refining and implementing the advances in technology and design that will improve the performance, comfort, efficiency and environmental footprint of future generations of our aircraft.

We also play a key role in the Advisory Council for Aeronautical Research in Europe (ACARE). This was set up in 2001 by industry, government and academia to develop an aviation strategic research agenda for 2020: the European Union’s Clean Sky program. This seeks to develop new technologies to reduce noxious emissions and noise levels on aircraft entering service at the beginning of the next decade, as well as the EU’s SESAR next-generation air traffic management system, due within the same timeframe.
Dassault engineers are well on the way toward meeting aggressive new environmental goals set under these initiatives. These include a 50% reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2), an 80% cut in nitrogen oxides (NOx) and a 50% drop in perceived noise on the ground.