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Crew Operational Documentation​


We work to ensure every single element of owning, flying, enjoying and maintaining your jet is taken care of. For this reason, we designed the Crew Operational Documentation for Dassault EASy airplanes.


This set of documents is used during the Falcon pilot initial type rating training course and may be used by EASy operators as a reference document during their daily operations.


It describes the recommended Dassault Aviation operational method for normal, abnormal and emergency situations: briefings, tasks sharing, calls out, crew management, etc.


This operational method is consistent among the F2000/EX, F900EX, EASy and 7X fleet which eases Falcon mixed fleet flying.


The CODDE documentation is divided into three documents:

  • CODDE 1 provides the airplane system description for the flight crews. It describes mainly pilots with ‘need to know’ information
  • CODDE 2 provides the operational method, the limitations and all the operating procedures (normal, special, abnormal and emergency)
  • CODDE 3 is an extract of the CODDE 2 in a handy format suitable for the cockpit. It is composed of three Quick Reference Handbooks (QRH):
    • QRH 1 Book 1 for Limitations, Normal and Special procedures
    • QRH 1 Book 2 for tabulated performance data
    • QRH 2 for Emergency and Abnormal procedures