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Superior handling qualities

​At Dassault, superb handling is paramount. And it always has been. Our founder, Marcel Dassault insisted that pilots, not technicians, take charge of the final product. It is this passion, this feeling for flight, that gives every jet we make superior handling qualities.

The way a jet feels determines how enjoyable it is to fly and to be flown in. We know that most pilots will have experienced many aircraft before they step up to a Falcon. Yet when they do, even the most seasoned are impressed at how precisely and predictably our aircraft perform. One reason for this high level of perfection is the full range of digital resources available to us.

Our experience in designing Mach II fighter aircraft that have to manuever quickly and predictably as a matter of survival is invaluable, too. Yet the ultimate test belongs to our pilots who accept nothing but perfection before passing the aircraft into service. So you get the very best as a pilot - and as a passenger.