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What pilots say​​​

​The ultimate accolades come from the pilots who fly our aicraft.

The combination of take-off, landing, climb and cruise performance, flexibility of operation, comfort, size of cabin, impeccable ‘fighter-like’ handling characteristics, advanced cockpit avionics systems and simply staggering range/fuel efficiency figures now make the 2000LX the worldwide benchmark in this class of business jet.

It clearly delivers on its promises of reduced pilot workload, greater passenger comfort and enhanced safety margins.’ ‘The BMW interior enhances cabin comfort for flights that can last up to 13 hours.’ ‘It is a ‘flight path stable’ airplane... once you let it maintain flight path and change only performance, piloting it becomes as easy as riding a Segway.

A considerably larger cabin than any midsize or super-midsize… yet actually burns less fuel… that’s worth bragging about.
…the greenest
…up to one-third less fuel than some competitors
… tons less carbon dioxide.