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Dassault Aviation 

Dassault Aviation is a private international group. We are also the last aviation group
in the world still owned by its founding family and bearing its name.
Our business culture is strong and we are financially and intellectually secure.
And we have been profitable since the company’s creation.



We are deeply proud to be an international group that remains human in approach to everything we do. The people who work with us and the customers we work for are our prority. Yet we operate, pioneer and compete extremely successfully in the global aerospace industry.


Dassault is the only group in the world today that designs, manufactures, sells and services both combat aircraft and business jets (the Rafale, Falcon, and nEUROn family of jets).

We lead in digital enterprise, and we are an initiator of the technical and industrial revolution.
In recent years, exports have averaged 73% of our sales. And Falcon aircraft alone have accounted  for 63% of the total sales figure.


For more information

Dassault Aviation

Direction Générale des Avions Civils
78 Quai Marcel Dassault
92552 Saint-Cloud Cedex 300


Dassault Falcon Jet Corp.

Teterboro Airport,
Box 2000
South Hackensack, NJ 07606