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Fly smarter with EASy IV

The fourth generation of the acclaimed EASy flight deck includes more processing power, new interactive capabilities and new safety features which dramatically increase situational awareness in the air on approaches and on the ground upon arrival. EASy IV has advanced flight planning and navigation for high-traffic airports, new airport moving maps in 2D and 3D and a new runway overrun alert system. Get a complete picture of the leading-edge, value-added benefits by clicking the links below.

Streamlined aircraft operations

A suite of new functionalities that simplify cockpit operations

Operate with more confidence using the information you need to fly more safely. EASy IV’s new features, such as enhanced processing power and improved graphics, make navigation in the air and at busy airports safer.

  • Enhanced graphical flight planning

    Combined with new Vivid Displays, EASy IV introduces a new generation of the SVS image on the IPFD (SVS3.0), with an enhanced INAV map and an interactive Vertical Situation Display.

  • Advanced Navigation and Datalink communications

    Combining the most advanced versions of Honeywell’s NextGen FMS and Communication Management Function (CMF 3.4), EASy IV FMS introduces key improvements which help Falcon operators make the most of the latest Air Traffic developments worldwide.

  • RNP AR Approaches

    EASy IV includes RNP AR Approaches down to 0.1NM to improve access to runways affected by either terrain or high-density air traffic.

  • Engine-out auto-throttle (A/T)

    In the event of an in-flight shut down, the EASy IV engine-out A/T is capable of managing power, allowing recovering automation for the two remaining engines and freeing pilots from this task.

  • Enhanced Jeppesen charts

    Improved Jeppesen charts function with a new Night mode, a Panoramic mode, as well as the display of the aircraft symbol on all georeferenced terminal charts

Enhanced situational awareness

New display capabilities for increased terrain, traffic and weather awareness

EASy IV enhances safety at large and complex airports on approach and on the ground with sharply detailed views of airport features, traffic and weather conditions. Pilots can effectively anticipate risks and avoid them.

  • 2D Airport Moving Maps

    EASy IV provides detailed, interactive maps of large and complex airport features such as runways, taxiways, incursion hotspots, holding points, parking stands and terminals.

  • 3D Airport Moving Maps

    Complements the 2D AMM function by providing a 3D view of the airport in the IPFD as the aircraft is about to land and when on the ground.


    Provides pilots with an enhanced perception of surrounding traffic. Comes in 3 different applications:

    • VSA (Visual Separation on Approach): displays specific traffic information relative to select traffic, to facilitate visual separation.
    • AIRB: displays ADS-B airborne traffic on the INAV moving map.
    • SURF: displays ADS-B ground traffic (aircraft and airport vehicles) on the 2D AMM.
  • 3D Weather radar

    EASy IV introduces a highly automated weather radar featuring 3D volumetric scanning and advanced weather analysis. Previously offered on the Falcon 8X, the new 3D radar is offered for retrofit on the Falcon 7X as the radar 7000, introducing weather data display on the VSD, with turbulence and rain detection capability.

  • SiriusXM® weather (SXM)

    Provides a fully integrated access to a newly enriched set of SiriusXM® Aviation Weather services, for unprecedented weather awareness when flying over North America (U.S., Canada and Caribbean).

Improved operational safety

Enhanced takeoff and landing performance computation for reduced runway hazards

EASy IV offers improved runway analysis and pilot perception during takeoffs and landings. Distance computations are highly accurate and meet the latest regulatory standards. So challenging airports become less challenging.

  • Enhanced TOLD function

    EASy IV features an improved TOLD function, which allows for a detailed computation of operational and realistic landing distances. Complies with the latest regulation updates on LTDA (Landing Distance at Time of Arrival) and RWYCC (Runway Condition Code).

  • Runway Overrun Awareness and Alerting System (ROAAS)

    ROAAS analyzes the aircraft trajectory and the TOLD landing performance to determine if the aircraft can safely come to a full stop within the remaining runway length.

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