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Maintenance meets predictability while enhancing your asset value.

FalconCare is a guaranteed maintenance cost management program for Falcon owners and operators. Whether you are a first-time Falcon buyer with no formal flight department or a large company with a full staff, FalconCare has a plan that fits your needs and budget.

Focused on providing elite-level maintenance, this program enables Falcon owners and operators to maximize aircraft reliability while minimizing financial risk.

In addition to coverage for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, FalconCare also offers coverage for consumables and service bulletins while providing high-value services, incentives and flexible options.

As always, you can join FalconCare at any time, for any term.

FalconCare enhances your aircraft’s value

When the time comes to sell your aircraft, buyers can be confident that your Falcon was pampered and maintained to the highest possible standards. We believe our customers deserve this peace of mind.

Pricing philosophy

FalconCare is based on a “Pay as You Fly” philosophy in order to assure total budgeting accuracy. Thanks to our three-part pricing, maintenance budget forecasts are directly linked with customers’ flight activity.

  • Guaranteed rate per flight hour
    Hourly-Related Maintenance
  • Guaranteed rate per cycle
    Cycle-Related Maintenance
  • Guaranteed rate per month
    Calendar-Related Maintenance

Nothing flies like a Falcon. Nothing protects like FalconCare.

Choose ESSENTIAL (parts only, full options), ELITE (parts and labor full options) or SELECT (parts and/or labor with major items as an option) coverage for all of your scheduled and unscheduled maintenance needs. Select the options that best suit your operations.

The FalconCare Efficiency Bonus financially rewards operators engaging in the best cost-effective maintenance practices.

Your FalconCare Flex Spending Account covers aircraft-related expenses falling outside FalconCare coverage. Conveniently, this provides flexible customer-directed coverage for miscellaneous expenses.

FalconCare provides global maintenance coverage anywhere on the planet with a worldwide service center network. AOG GoTeams are always ready to deploy wherever you need them.

We have tailored our guaranteed maintenance cost management program to keep your Falcon flying—adding value, flexibility, and incentives while eliminating surprise costs.

Aircraft usage can be unpredictable—but your costs won’t be. FalconCare is a guaranteed maintenance cost management program.

Your aircraft will receive the highest-quality care, with Genuine Falcon parts and expert Falcon technicians, plus the time efficiency and cost protection you deserve.