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Preparing and executing your mission has never been so easy


Takeoff and landing performance

FalconPerf is the only OEM-approved solution, usable for daily operations, including at challenging airports.

Key Features

  • Features genuine Dassault performance data
  • Fully compliant with AFM
    • Runway condition codes
    • Landing distance at time of arrival
    • Clearway/stopway benefits
    • Steep approach and grooved runway landing
      performance at London City
  • Includes a worldwide database (airports, obstacles,
    and one-engine inoperative procedures)

Available for: All Falcon EASy models


Weight & balance

eWB is the OEM solution for easier, more reliable, and optimized W&B computation.

Key Features

  • Dassault Loading Manual data
    • Fully compliant with the Dassault Design Office recommendations
    • Automatically checks that the fuel envelope remains entirely within the in-flight CG limits
  • Customized to each individual airframe using individual aircraft floor plans and detailed W&B reports
  • Supports paperless operations with a digital signature option and operator customization of load sheets
  • Clearly identifies any possible non-compliance with the aircraft Loading Manual

Available for:
Falcon 2000LX/LXS/S
Falcon 900LX
Falcon 7X/8X


Flight planning and cruise performance

ePM is a next-generation aircraft performance manual with graphical representation of high-speed performance.

Key Features

  • A «Mission» module dedicated to flight planning
  • A «Tools» module for in-flight computations and FMS data crosscheck
  • A “green” function that computes minimum fuel consumption
  • Pilot insertion errors prevented by a set of controls and warning messages
  • Complete flight planning data (e.g. O2 or fuel reserves) using the only OEM-approved solution on the market
  • Provides quick and reliable results for any Mach number, to optimize any flight profile

Available for:
Falcon 2000LX/LXS/S
Falcon 900LX
Falcon 7X/8X

FLight Doc


Flight Doc is the best application for accessing Dassault flight documentation and operational publications on iPad.

Key Features

  • Access a wide range of Dassault publications, both online and offline including:
    • Digitally signed Falcon Flight Documentation such as the AFM, CODDE2, QRH, etc. filtered to the aircraft configuration
    • FSAs (Falcon Service Advisories), FSNs (Falcon Service Newsflashes) and FCIPs
      (Service Bulletin briefs intended for pilots)
    • Miscellaneous, gathering various operational publications from the Falcon portal
    • Operator Docs, allowing storage of company documents

Available for: All Falcon models


Dispatch assessment

eDispatch is an integrated solution for a seamless dispatch decision-making process, improving aircraft operational availability.

Key Features

  • Integrates all reference publications for dispatch (MMEL, M&O procedures, CDL, NEF/NSRI) to efficiently walk operators (pilots & maintenance personnel) through the dispatch decision-making process
  • Can be used on the ground before departure (in a dispatch situation) or in flight, to proactively address consequences of an in-flight failure on the next flight
  • Filtered to the aircraft configuration (MOD, M-OPT and SB)
  • Based on the MMEL (EASA or FAA)

Available for: Falcon 7X/8X


Electronic operational flight plan

eOFP is the newest Dassault application providing pilots with a completely digital navigation log.

Key Features

  • Flight plans can be downloaded from compatible third-party providers in XML format or manually loaded
  • Flight plans can be amended as needed to account for operational changes:
    • Pilots manually insert fuel and time at each waypoint, eOFP computes the rest
    • Includes Direct To feature from the current leg to the next waypoint
    • Intuitive depiction of forecast and actual data
    • Navigation logs can be converted into PDF format and shared

Available for: All Falcon models



Route optimization tool based on advanced algorithms, fuel management, vertical and lateral optimizations, Mach number selection.

Key Features

  • Operational data:
    • Imports XML flight plans from compatible third-party providers
    • Recomputes flight plan with aircraft performance and updated weather model
  • Aircraft performance:
    • Includes genuine Dassault performance data
  • Weather model:
    • Worldwide coverage (wind and temperature)
    • Weather update available on the ground and in flight (Satcom required) for higher accuracy
  • Navigation database:
    • Worldwide navigation database updated at every Airac cycle

Available for: Falcon 6X, Falcon 8X

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