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2019 Falcon M&Os fly high

Saint-Cloud, France

If you recently heard a loud sigh of relief, it may have come from some of our Dassault Customer Service team members. You see, we just completed our spring M&O season, a mad dash to eight cities around the world to exchange news and insights with Falcon customers.

In all, we were on the ground in five countries on four continents in six weeks. But the most impressive statistic of all is 873 – that’s the record number of Falcon operators who attended one of our events. For that, you have our most sincere thanks. There is truly no substitute for face-to-face interaction to build relationships and help us deliver the best possible Customer Experience.

As we see it, our M&Os are a two-way street. We present the latest Falcon news and updates to you, but we also learn from you. Our technical sessions, open discussions, presentations such as the one on Falcon Customer Strategy, and one-on-one interactions help educate us about what you are seeing and experiencing as a customer, and how we can assist you.

We also got some great feedback from the surveys we sent out after each M&O. It looks like you got a lot out of them and you’ve given us some excellent suggestions to help us improve future events. 

Finally, speaking of surveys, I do have a small favor to ask of you. Product support surveys are currently being sent to subscribers of Aviation International News and Pro Pilot magazine (click the links for free subscriptions and the opportunity to receive a survey). We urge you to let your voice be heard. Your participation in these surveys is a way to let us know how well we are meeting your expectations.

We value all feedback – whether at an M&O, via industry surveys, or through any other means – and greatly appreciate the insights you share.

Jean Kayanakis

Senior Vice President, Worldwide Customer Service & Service Center Network

Dassault Aviation

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