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Big Data takes wing in the Falcon 6X

Saint-Cloud, France

The recent rollout of the Falcon 6X was certainly the high point of the year for Dassault. I hope you were online to watch, but you can also catch it at www.Falcon6XRollout.com.

The development of a 100-percent new aircraft is a unique opportunity to introduce game-changing technologies. FalconScan, the most advanced diagnostic system ever installed in a business jet (perhaps any jet) fits this bill. 

With FalconScan, the aircraft constantly assesses its ‘health’ and tells you when sniffles start so you can begin treatment before you have a full-blown cold. (Pardon the virus reference.)

The heart of FalconScan is an onboard server collecting and analyzing data from every system throughout the aircraft. FalconScan monitors an astounding 100,000 parameters. 

In certain ways, FalconScan is similar to diagnostics on board current Falcons, though they monitor just hundreds of parameters, by comparison. FalconScan ties into FalconBroadcast and generates a report at top-of-descent that can be sent to your flight department and to Dassault Product Support. 

But FalconScan, in addition to collecting much more data, goes a step further. Through a Dassault-developed and patented algorithm, the system will also offer a service procedure to address any type of problem identified even before it occurs. This information is sent to the ground, but also can be accessed by a maintenance technician wirelessly with a tablet or laptop. 

FalconScan is another powerful tool that allows us to pinpoint maintenance issues and address them quickly, with less time spent troubleshooting. It will also make a big contribution to our health and trend monitoring capability.

It’s collecting a huge amount of information that we will eventually be able to analyze with AI programs to develop better trend data. With that knowledge, we’ll be able to continuously improve the reliability of systems and components. 

If you think planes are getting smarter than humans, well, we probably crossed that bridge some time ago with Digital Flight Control Systems (DFCS). And like DFCS, FalconScan makes pilots and flight departments look even better in the eyes of passengers and owners. 

This is my last column for a year we all want to forget. On behalf of the global Falcon Customer Service team, we very much look forward to working with you in a healthier 2021!

Happy holidays,

Jean Kayanakis

Senior Vice President, Worldwide Falcon Customer Service & Service Center Network
Dassault Aviation

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