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Classic support never gets old

Saint-Cloud, France

Here’s an interesting fact: did you know that around half of the more than 2,000 Falcons flying today are what we call “Classic” aircraft? By that I mean, out-of-production models. In fact, there are Falcon 20s that have been serving their owners for over half a century! But just because Dassault isn’t building these Classics anymore, it doesn’t mean we aren’t supporting them 100%, with as much care as the day they rolled off the assembly line.

As you know, our customer service philosophy is “whatever it takes.” And one of the things it takes to keep every Falcon in peak condition is the technical expertise of people in flight departments around the world. Keeping them up to date and their skills sharp is a responsibility we take very seriously. Which is why we invest substantially in technical training for operators of any and all Falcon models, from the oldest to the newest.

The latest example of that commitment is our new partnership with GlobalJet Services. Headquartered in Avon, Connecticut, the company was founded in 1992, by JD McHenry, who has more than 40 years of experience in aviation. GlobalJet’s highly experienced, Falcon-focused instructors are now providing technical training for the Falcon 10, 20, 20-5, 50, 50EX, 2000, 2000EX, 900 and 900EX models. With nearly 1,000 Classic Falcon aircraft operating around the world today, many in service since the ’60s and ’70s (with plenty of flying hours ahead of them), the entire Falcon customer service organization has a big job to do. And that includes our newest member. Welcome to the family, GlobalJet.

Jean Kayanakis

Senior Vice President, Worldwide Customer Service & Service Center Network

Dassault Aviation

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