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Construction Poised To Begin On ExecuJet MRO Services Malaysia’s New Purpose-Built MRO Facility at Subang Airport

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Selangor, Malaysia – ExecuJet MRO Services Malaysia, a Dassault Aviation company, will soon start construction of its new purpose-built MRO facility at Kuala Lumpur’s Subang Airport, a development that reinforces Malaysia’s position as a centre for business aviation in the region.

The news of the impending development comes on the eve of the Selangor Aviation Show, a leading business aviation show that ExecuJet MRO Services and Dassault Aviation are exhibiting at.

The Selangor Aviation Show is taking place 8-10 September at a site adjacent to ExecuJet MRO Services Malaysia’s current MRO facility. The company, which is already Malaysia’s largest business aviation MRO, serves Dassault, Bombardier and Gulfstream operators from across the Asia region and is certified by the CAA of Malaysia, US FAA, EASA and many other international airworthiness authorities. It is able to quickly dispatch repair teams around the region, when needed, including to growing markets such as Vietnam.

The new purpose-built MRO facility will be located at another area of the airport with runway access and a dedicated apron. The new facility will have a gross floor area of approximately 149,500 square feet including back shops that will further expand ExecuJet’s capabilities, as well as corporate offices and customer areas.

The facility’s aircraft hangar will be able to be accommodate the largest business jets in development, such as the Dassault Falcon 6X and Falcon 10X. It will also incorporate environmentally friendly features such as an 85kW solar system and secondary water tanks to harvest rainwater for secondary usage, amongst others.

The company decided to build a larger facility to cater for the increasing demand for its services. Construction is planned to commence within the next six weeks.

Regional VP Asia for ExecuJet MRO Services Ivan Lim says: “The number of business jets in Asia, especially South-East Asia has continued to grow, despite the pandemic. Business people have been turning to business aviation to meet their flying needs, because it is time-efficient with far fewer ‘touch points’ as compared to commercial aviation.”

“ExecuJet MRO Services Malaysia has been expanding its capability and workforce to meet the continued growth in the market.”

Lim says the Selangor Aviation Show provides an ideal platform to promote ExecuJet MRO Services to the aviation community as an ’employer of choice’. “ExecuJet MRO Services has a strong and inclusive company culture that values talent and takes staff career development seriously.”

“We take trusted and proven talent, that we have developed internally, and provide them with opportunities to further develop their careers. This is how we created a strong company culture and a cohesive international network providing our business aircraft customers with consistently high levels of service,” he says.

The Selangor Aviation Show at Subang Airport is unique because it is focused on general and business aviation. The airport itself is largely dedicated to general and business aviation.

Lim says: “This is the second year the Selangor Aviation Show is being held and we anticipate this year’s show will be even bigger now that Malaysia has fully opened to international visitors.”

“The show has already demonstrated it is truly international, because last year it attracted operators from overseas as well as people interested in entering the business aviation industry; whether they are potential aircraft owners or operators or graduates looking for employment opportunities in the aviation sector,” he adds.

About ExecuJet MRO Services

ExecuJet MRO Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dassault Aviation, has world-class MRO facilities in Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe and the Middle East; where major repair and refurbishment activities are conducted.  All MRO operations performed within the global ExecuJet MRO Services network comply with the world’s most stringent regulatory and safety requirements.

Specialising in airframe, avionics and engine maintenance; aircraft engineers are factory trained and certified on a wide range of aircraft, including: Bombardier, Dassault, Embraer, Gulfstream, Hawker, and various others.

Further information: www.execujet-mro.com
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