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Dassault Aviation at NBAA-BACE 2023 Convention

October 17-19, Henderson Executive Airport, Las Vegas, NV

For the first time, Dassault Aviation will consolidate its NBAA-BACE activities at the show’s static display at Henderson Executive airport, providing a one-stop shop designed to enhance the customer experience.

The display will feature a larger, newly-designed chalet permitting customers and guests to keep abreast of the latest product and service news and meet with sales and customer support/MRO network representatives in the same space. The static display will also host the company’s best-selling 2000LXS twin and the Falcon 8X ultra-long range trijet, the quietest business jet on the market.

The 2000LXS is equipped with a widebody cabin that can comfortably accommodate up to 10 passengers. It is capable of a 4,000 nm range and offers an unmatched short-field airport capability. The aircraft features a unique combination of comfort and economical, go-anywhere performance has helped sell nearly 700 aircraft to date.

The 6,450 nm Falcon 8X recently received a flight deck upgrade to the EASy IV flight deck offering improved capability and safety features. The 8X also received approval to use Dassault’s advanced, dual head-up display, which allows both pilots to share the same synthetic and enhanced vision view. Dual HUDs enhance situational awareness while simplifying training requirements. The feature is also now available as an aftermarket retrofit on operational 8X.

Both the 8X and the 2000LXS are available with Dassault’s revolutionary FalconEye Combined Vision System, the first HUD to blend synthetic, database-driven terrain mapping and actual thermal and low-light camera images into a single view. FalconEye currently permits low-visibility approaches to a decision height of 100 ft.
On the static display will also be a full-scale flight deck and cabin mockup of the new ultra-long range, ultra-widebody Falcon 10X twin, currently in development. The 10X, will be powered by 100-percent SAF-capable Rolls Royce Pearl 10X engines and will be the largest purpose-built business jet on the market with 7,500 nautical miles range. The aircraft’s flexible, penthouse-in-the-sky cabin has won several prestigious design awards and promises to provide the most productive and restful cabin experience of any business jet.

This year’s show will also afford an opportunity to demonstrate a new Dassault flight App called FalconWays. Part of the company’s commitment to sustainable flying, FalconWays uses global wind data to help pilots quickly plan and utilize routings that save fuel and time while lowering emissions. The App will be rolled out on the new Falcon 6X extra-widebody twin when it enters into service.

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