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Dassault training leaps into the future

Saint-Cloud, France

There are many factors that contribute to Dassault’s success. Precision and craftsmanship. An amazing global team. And of course, our cutting-edge technology. But for this month’s blog, I’d like to turn the spotlight on another example: the Dassault Training Academy (DTA).

Established in 2007, there are currently two Academy locations in France – in Mérignac and Le Bourget – where Falcon operators are offered a comprehensive portfolio of training options, from entry-into-service through the entire life cycle of the aircraft. And the fact that trainees can work on production line Falcons has made it very popular. In fact, late last year, we passed a major milestone when we graduated our 1,000th attendee.

In addition to that, the Dassault Training Academy recently completed a four-day Structural Repair Training Course in Fort Worth, Texas, a first for DTA in the U.S.

The baseline course – Falcon Practical Training – provides tremendous value, but I have to admit that I think it’s the follow-up course that is truly a showstopper. It uses customized, 3D virtual reality technology developed by Dassault engineers to create a totally immersive experience. Falcon Immersive Practical Training utilizes oculus rift headsets in conjunction with down-to-the-rivet detail of 3D models created by Dassault’s CATIA design software.

With this innovation, any parts or components – from wiring to tubing to fittings – can be brought into view by simply stripping away the covering panels – in virtual reality – to reveal the inner workings of the aircraft. In effect, the trainee can ‘roam around’ the airplane; even the narrowest, hardest-to-reach areas are easily accessible for an instructor and up to ten trainees all at the same time!

I encourage you to check out a short video that captures the innovative wonder of the Dassault Training Academy. Or come see the Academy for yourself if your travels take you through Paris or Mérignac. We are also excited, based on a request from the OAB, about a possible North American test-case course. We will release more details after January 1, but if there is enough interest in our training, we would certainly offer it to our North American operators. DTA is a truly amazing operation that delivers unparalleled experiential, practical and structural training – and there are now more than 1,000 graduates who can tell you all about it.

Jean Kayanakis

Senior Vice President, Worldwide Customer Service & Service Center Network Dassault Aviation

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