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Insights and kinship at the Falcon OAB Meeting

Saint-Cloud, France

In late March, I was pleased to join the members of the Falcon Operator Advisory Board from around the world at their annual meeting in (snowy) Newark, New Jersey. Discussions covered every aspect of their Falcon Experience and, as always, yielded fantastic insights from those who know us best.

Attending board members work for organizations that operate a total of 60 Falcons. They also communicate regularly with fellow Falcon operators in their respective regions, so they really have their finger on the pulse of all that’s happening in each area of our operation. Both high-level topics and technical details were shared along with thoughts on what’s working well and what could be improved. 

Every member of the OAB is passionately dedicated to working together in order to keep us moving forward. Their enthusiasm in this regard is unmistakable. It’s clear they are completely invested in our success and our commitment to meet and exceed the expectations of every Falcon customer. Their honest conviction and authority concerning our successes and challenges, as well as their views on industry trends is invaluable. 

Since it was created in 2007, the OAB has addressed 247 topics of importance to Falcon operators, of which 193 have been, or are being, implemented by Dassault. By the end of this year’s conference, many recommendations were approved, proposals were issued and countless insights were captured. I am eager to put what was discussed into action. 

On another note, the Newark meeting marked the end of David Van Den Langenbergh’s tenure as chairman. As always, he led the discussions with skill, professionalism and good humor. David’s attention to detail and passion for the Falcon brand has never wavered. He fostered the spirit of camaraderie that has made the Board’s discussions friendly, fruitful and frank. 

I am personally grateful to David for his hard work and leadership as OAB chairman. I’m confident that the OAB will continue to help us do great things together. 

Jacques Chauvet

Senior Vice President, Worldwide Customer Service

Dassault Aviation

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